Phoenix Among Men Chapter 99

Since Chen Ping was doing it for himself, Wang Han Han was going to risk her life, she couldn’t just watch Chen Ping get killed in front of her!

A huge strong wind blew towards Wang Han Han, so frightened that Wang Han Han closed her eyes and pulled Chen Ping behind herself with one hand in a deadly grip!

“Han Han …………”

Sun Xiaomeng couldn’t help but shout out!

Although she had just met Wang Han Han, Sun Xiaomeng felt that Wang Han Han was nice, sensible and very likeable, it would be too bad if she was killed like this for Chen Ping, so she couldn’t help but shout!

When she slowly opened her eyes, she found that Binzi’s fist was just a few centimeters away from her eyes, and one of Chen Ping’s hands had directly grabbed Binzi’s fist so that he couldn’t advance a bit!

At this moment, everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief, while that Binzi’s face also changed, his eyes carrying a strong shock, because he could feel that from Chen Ping’s body, there was a constant source of power bursting out, and no matter how hard he pushed, it was to no avail!

“If you weren’t Lin Tianhu’s men, you would all be corpses by now ……”

Chen Ping gave a slight send, and that Binzi’s body instantly stomped backwards, ending up sitting on his butt on the ground!

Seeing Binzi in this state, Hou Chunlei was instantly enraged!

“D*mn it, punk, you can’t even handle a little kid?”

Hou Chunlei kicked Binzi fiercely!

Binzi hurriedly got up and lowered his head in embarra*sment, although he had fallen, Binzi was not hurt, Chen Ping had shown mercy, after all, these people were his own men to say the least!

“Let us go and today’s matter will be over, or you will regret it ……”

Chen Ping said to that Hou Chunlei!

“Regret?” Hou Chunlei sneered, “I’ve never known what regret means ……”

After Hou Chunlei finished speaking, immediately after the door of the room was opened, dozens of people with machetes rushed in and directly surrounded Chen Ping and his group!

Just now a dozen people surrounded, but also just bare hands and fists, although a fierce and vicious, but Cui Zhiyuan they can also control their own body!

But at this moment, surrounded by dozens of men with shining machetes, feeling the coldness on the machetes, Cui Zhiyuan and the others were all scared silly, and several of them fainted in fear on the spot, and many others directly P*ssed their trousers, even Cui Zhiyuan was not spared, his trousers were directly wet!

“Kid, today I can chop you into mush, do you believe it?”

Hou Chunlei said hideously.

“I think I heard that Lin Tianhu doesn’t let you guys fight and kill each other, so you can do business properly, but you made such a big noise today, didn’t you ask Lin Tianhu for permission?”

Chen Ping asked with a calm face.

Hou Chunlei faintly froze, after sweeping Chen Ping a glance, he hesitated for a moment, then said to his men, “Watch them, don’t let any of them go, I’ll go call Master Tiger.”

After Hou Chunlei finished speaking, he directly took out his mobile phone and walked out!

Seeing that Hou Chunlei had gone to consult Lin Tianhu, Cui Zhiyuan and his men were scared and rolled their eyes, knowing that Lin Tianhu had a very bad reputation in Hongcheng, he was a murderous and ruthless master!

If they really alerted Lin Tianhu, none of them would survive, not only would they not survive, but they would also be tortured to death!

“Chen Ping, you’re paralyzed, now we’re all going to die, not a single one of us will live, and you’re going to invite Master Tiger here, we’re all finished ……”

Cui Zhiyuan saw that Hou Chunlei had gone to call Lin Tianhu, so he glared at Chen Ping and cursed at him!