Phoenix Among Men Chapter 105

At this moment, Wang Han Han had something to find Chen Ping, and followed Chen Ping closer, looking very familiar, Xing Jun frowned and said, “Manager Cui, who is this girl?”

Cui Zhiyuan hurriedly looked over and found that Xing Jun was talking about Wang Hanhan, and hurriedly said, “Mr. Xing, this is Chen Ping’s girlfriend, named Wang Hanhan, who just joined the company today!”

“Chen Ping’s girlfriend?” Xing Jun was shocked!

Seeing that expression on Xing Jun’s face, Cui Zhiyuan was startled and slowly nodded, “Yes, it’s his girlfriend!”

Soon, a cold smile suddenly appeared on Xing Jun’s surprised face, “You find a chance, take some intimate photos of the two of them, but do it secretly and send them to me at ……”

“Got it!” Cui Zhiyuan nodded his head.

Xing Jun happily left, while Cui Zhiyuan was confused, he didn’t know when this Xing Jun had this kind of hobby!

“Brother Chen, the one who owes the most money to our group now is this Boss Meng, he owes almost a million, it’s been two years since he owed it, several salesmen have gone to ask for it, but none of them ever came, I heard that some of the salesmen were even beaten out!”

Zhang Tongjian said as he sat at his workstation, pointing to a batch of outstanding payments on the computer!

Chen Ping looked at the time, and then nodded, “Then let’s take him, we’ll go and ask for it now, and we’ll get it back just in time not to interfere with dinner!”

“The two of us are going to ask for it?” Zhang Tongjian said in surprise.

“Of course, how many people would go otherwise?” Chen Ping was stunned!

“Brother Chen ……” Zhang Tongjian was afraid, his face full of embarra*sment: “Brother Chen, that Meng boss heard that he used to be a gangster, but now he has cleaned up his act and opened a company, but there are still a lot of people under his hands, just the two of us going, we will definitely be beaten up. I heard that there was also a female salesman who went and ended up getting knocked up ……”

“You’re afraid?” Chen Ping looked at Zhang Tongjian and asked with a serious face.

“I …………” Zhang Tongjian did not know how to answer, he was indeed afraid, just this kind of customers, who is not afraid of ah?

“You do this kind of work, if you’re afraid, don’t do it, there are things you never know if you’ll succeed until you try them ……”

After Chen Ping finished, he directly printed out that Boss Meng’s information and took it towards the outside!

“Brother Chen Ping …………”

Seeing Chen Ping walking away, Wang Han Han chased after him!

She knew that Cui Zhiyuan had given Chen Ping a task, and at this time Chen Ping must have gone to ask for the debt, so Wang Han Han intended to help Chen Ping to ask for it!

Chen Ping was a bit impulsive, and Wang Han Han was afraid that he would get into trouble with someone!

“Are you going to ask for a debt?” Wang Han Han asked as she caught up with Chen Ping.

“Mm!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

“Let me see ……” Wang Han Han took the information in Chen Ping’s hand and read it!

The two were so close to each other that it was like they were hugging each other, looking very ambiguous!

Cui Zhiyuan inside the office saw this and hurriedly took out his mobile phone and secretly took a few pictures and sent them to Xing Jun!

“Brother Chen Ping, I’m afraid this has become a dead debt, it’s been two years since I paid it back, I’ve asked for it many times ……”

Wang Han Han looked at the information and frowned slightly!

“This is the biggest one, even if it’s hard, we have to try!”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

“Well, I’ll accompany you!” Wang Han Han nodded.

“I can go by myself, you don’t need to accompany me ……”

Chen Ping hurriedly waved his hand and said.

“Your nature is too hasty, it’s better for me to accompany you, after all, we women have an advantage to account ……”

Wang Han Han said, surprisingly directly pulling up Chen Ping’s arm and walking out!

When Cui Zhiyuan saw this, he immediately stole a few more fears and pa*sed them to Xing Jun again!

Just after Chen Ping followed Wang Han Han out of the company, Zhang Tong Jian also ran out and caught up with Chen Ping and said, “Brother Chen, we are a group, I can’t see you risking yourself, big deal, I’ll take a beating, I’ll go too ……”