Phoenix Among Men Chapter 106

Zhang Tongjian figured it out, so he chased after him, seeing that Zhang Tongjian was going along, Chen Ping’s face showed a touch of relief!

Patting Zhang Tongjian’s shoulder, he said, “Don’t worry, with me around, you won’t get beaten up ……”

He had to go with Chen Ping because he wanted to keep his job, he and Chen Ping were in the same team, if Chen Ping went by himself, Zhang Tongjian was afraid that if the top knew about it, he would be fired!

Soon, Chen Ping found the company of Meng’s boss according to the address on the information, the company is not big, only two floors, look at the signboard at the entrance are very old!

“This company is not yellow, is it? Is there still someone inside?”

Wang Han Han looked at the signboard at the entrance and said with some concern!

If the company is yellow and the people have run away, then the account is dead!

“Go in and take a look ……” Chen Ping said and took the lead and walked in!

Just walk into the company, you can hear a yell inside, and smoke, choking people a little breathless!

In the lobby of the company, seven or eight bare-chested, tattooed big men were smoking cigarettes and playing cards, each with red eyes!

Seeing this scene, Zhang Tongjian instantly regretted it and gently tugged on Chen Ping’s sleeve: “Brother Chen, or else we can come back another day!”

Wang Han Han’s face was also a bit ugly , this didn’t look like a company, it looked more like a bandit’s den!

“Since we’re here, how can we meet the boss before we leave ……”

Chen Ping said in disbelief.

At this time, someone spotted Chen Ping and the three of them and got up and walked over, “What do you three do?”

“We’re from the Heart and Rain Daily Chemical Company, we came over to look for Boss Meng ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

“The ones asking for money?” As soon as the man heard that, he immediately knew the purpose of Chen Ping and the others, and said with a slight frown, “Brother Meng is not here, hurry up and get lost, don’t affect our poker game ……”

After saying that, the man was ready to go back to continue playing cards, but just two steps away, at this time from the first floor came down a girl dressed voluptuously, heavy make-up, the girl’s age is not too old, but all over the rouge and powder, long gone from the girl’s kind of innocence!

“Liangzi, Brother Meng let them go up ……”

The girl said to the big man who had just stopped Chen Ping and the others.

The big man nodded, “You guys go up!”

After saying that, the big man went to play cards without looking back, while the girl swept Wang Han Han twice, then said, “You guys come with me ……”

Chen Ping and the others followed the girl upstairs, Zhang Tongjian was so scared and trembling that he almost fell down going up the stairs!

And at that moment in an office on the first floor, that Boss Meng was holding a cigar in his mouth, his feet crossed on the desk, leisurely humming a little song, on the floor of the office, there were also a lot of toilet paper scattered, and the air was filled with a surly smell, no need to guess what had just happened here!

Soon, the girl led Chen Ping and the others into the office, that Boss Meng still had his cigar in his mouth, only his eyes kept looking at Wang Han Han’s body!

“From Xin Yu Rihua?” That Boss Meng asked indifferently.

“Yes!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

“The money owed to you, I’ve long prepared ……” said that Boss Meng, making a wink, and the girl who had just brought Chen Ping up with them immediately understood and opened the safe on the side!

The girl who had just brought Chen Ping up immediately understood and opened the safe.

When they saw how quick this boss was, Zhang Tongjian and Wang Hanhan instantly got excited, they didn’t expect things to go so smoothly, and this boss didn’t fail to pay his debts and beat up the debt collectors like the information said!

Only the corner of Chen Ping’s mouth raised slightly, he knew that this Meng boss could not be so quick to pay!