Phoenix Among Men Chapter 107

Sure enough, after revealing those notes, Meng boss put his feet off the desk, his eyes full of silver light looked at Wang Han Han, and then said: “I this person does not like to deal with men, you want money can, this woman stay, you two get lost, I promise to pay back your arrears …… ”

When Wang Han Han heard this, she was so scared that she hastily hid behind Chen Ping.

Seeing Wang Han Han’s scared look, Boss Meng burst out laughing.

“It’s only natural to pay back a debt, you have to pay whoever comes to you ……”

Chen Ping said coldly!

“Heavenly and righteous?” Boss Meng looked at Chen Ping like he was a fool, “You’re new here, right? Didn’t your colleague tell you the consequences of coming to me to ask for money?”

“I was told, but I didn’t believe them, so I wanted to come and try ……”

Chen Ping nodded his head!

“Hehe …… for so many years, it’s the first time I’ve come across such a gutsy one, since you want to try, then I’ll fulfill you ……”

With that, that Boss Meng swung a fist towards Chen Ping’s nose!

Wang Han Han was behind Chen Ping, and when she saw that Mr. Meng had struck, she nervously pulled Chen Ping away to avoid being hit by Mr. Meng, while Zhang Tong Jian hurriedly took two steps backwards, afraid of hitting himself!

But Wang Han Han didn’t manage to pull Chen Ping away. Chen Ping looked at Boss Meng with a cold smile on his face, and just as Boss Meng’s fist reached Chen Ping’s front, Chen Ping suddenly struck out and directly grabbed Boss Meng’s fist, followed by a sound of bone cracking!

Boss Meng only felt like his fist was caught in a vise, followed by a sharp pain that made Boss Meng scream in agony!

And when the girl who had brought Chen Ping and the others up saw this, she turned her head and ran out, obviously calling for someone!

“Tong Jian, you and Han Han go get the money, not a penny more, but the money owed to us, not even a penny less ……”

Chen Ping controlled that Meng boss, then said to Zhang Tongjian!

The first thing you need to do is to get the money from the safe.

Soon, more than a million dollars filled a bag, Wang Han Han said to Chen Ping with some anxiety, “Brother Chen Ping, the money is in hand, let’s go ……”

As soon as Wang Han Han’s words fell, a noisy footsteps came, and the seven or eight tattooed big men below had rushed up and directly blocked the door!

“Kid, let Brother Meng go, dare to make a move on Brother Meng, you’re looking for death ……”

That Liangzi saw Chen Ping controlling Boss Meng, and immediately yelled out!

“Get your men out of the way ……”

Chen Ping didn’t pay any attention to that Liangzi, instead he exerted a slight amount of force and Boss Meng’s hand once again let out a burst of bone cracking sounds!

Boss Meng had long been in pain and sweating at this point, although his eyes were full of anger, there was nothing he could do at this point, he could only order loudly, “Get out of my way all of you ……”

Very open, flashing a way, Chen Ping said to Zhang Tongjian and Wang Hanhan, “You two take the money and go back to the company ……”

“Brother Chen Ping, don’t you …… you want to come with us?”

Wang Han Han doubted.

“You guys go first, I’ll go back afterwards ……”

Chen Ping said.

Wang Han Han looked at Chen Ping with worry, but was pulled by Zhang Tong Jian directly and said, “Let’s go, staying here is also adding to Brother Chen’s mess ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the office, but after running out of the office, Wang Han Han gave the money to Zhang Tong Jian to take back to the office, while she waited across the road, not to see Chen Ping out, she did not feel at ease!

After Zhang Tongjian and Wang Hanhan left, Chen Ping untied that Boss Meng!

Boss Meng, who had gotten free, was instantly enraged: “Kid, I’m going to get you killed today ……”