Phoenix Among Men Chapter 108

Chen Ping, however, ignored him and instead looked at the large cigars on his desk, picking one up and gently sniffing it, “Such a good cigar, what a waste ……”

Having said that, Chen Ping lit one up and gently took a puff, slowly exhaling a mouthful of smoke, Chen Ping’s expression looked like he was enjoying himself!

Seeing Chen Ping’s carefree, intoxicated look, everyone was furious!

“Kid, you hurt Brother Meng, I want your life today ……”

That Liang Zi said, a punch towards Chen Ping, this punch had a lot of force, it also had a faint air-breaking sound, obviously this Liang Zi was a practitioner!

In the face of Liangzi’s punch, Chen Ping still looked like he didn’t care, he took another puff of his cigarette and then spat it out towards the oncoming Liangzi!

After being hit by Chen Ping’s puff of smoke, Liangzi’s fist was only a few centimetres away from Chen Ping.

At this moment, the crowd all watched incredulously, and right in the middle of the crowd’s incredible eyes, Chen Ping kicked out, sending that Liangzi flying straight out, his huge body flying straight out of the office and landing heavily on the ground!

“Liangzi …………”

Boss Meng’s face changed and he hurriedly ran over to check, knowing that this Liangzi was the most capable fighter in his place, having practiced sparring for more than ten years.

When Boss Meng ran to Liangzi, his whole body was frozen, only to see that Liangzi’s chest had been dented, his mouth was overflowing with blood, his eyes were wide open, and he was lying motionless on the ground, not knowing whether he was dead or alive!

“Kill him, kill him for me …………”

Boss Meng was furious, he had never been bullied like this before, now he wanted to cut Chen Ping into pieces!

After receiving the order, the rest of those men rushed towards Chen Ping together!

They didn’t believe that even if Chen Ping was able to fight, he could still beat them in this small space!

“Seeking death ……”

Chen Ping coldly snorted, and then his body rushed into the crowd like a whirlwind!

Chen Ping’s speed was so fast that those people could not even see Chen Ping’s shadow before they were knocked to the ground one after another!

In just a few seconds, the floor of the office was filled with wailing people!

Although Chen Ping didn’t kill them, they all had broken arms and legs and were badly injured!

At this moment, that Boss Meng was dumbfounded, and the girl beside him was even paler than she was powdered!

He really couldn’t imagine that so many of his own people couldn’t even beat a seemingly weak guy.

“Who do you think you owe money to? It’s just that you owe me money, I’m a person who hates people who owe me money the most ……”

Chen Ping walked towards that Meng boss with a cold smile on his face!

“You …… are who you are? I owe money to Xin Yu Rihua, aren’t you an employee of Xin Yu Rihua?”

Boss Meng asked as he looked at Chen Ping in panic.

“Of course you are, Heart and Rain Daily Chemical is the company of Su Yuqi, the eldest Miss of the Su family, and Su Yuqi is my woman, so in that case, don’t you owe me money?”

Chen Ping said with a playful smile!

“Your woman?” Boss Meng was dumbfounded, but immediately afterwards his pupils began to dilate and his eyes showed panic: “You …… you are the ………… ”

Boss Meng opened his mouth wide, and in the end, because of the extreme panic, even his voice was released!

This Meng boss also mixed in the road, although his qualifications are not enough to attend the banquet held by Gu Mantian, but a lot of news he knows, Chen Ping’s matter of course he also heard about it, just that he did not even think in that direction!

The person who had defeated Feng Sihai, who was respected by even Gu Qiantian and Lin Tianhu, was this young man who looked so inconspicuous in front of him!