Phoenix Among Men Chapter 112

Chen Ping felt a puzzlement, and could only go back to eat again!

He intended to send it to Lin Tianhu and let him deal with it. If there was something Lin Tianhu couldn’t handle, he would step in, but it would be too much of a waste of time if he did it himself!

But just as Chen Ping was sorting out the bills, suddenly there was a commotion in the sales department, followed by a group of people looking in the direction of the office, whispering one after another!

Chen Ping was a little curious, so he asked Sun Xiaomeng, “What’s going on?”

Sun Xiaomeng glanced at Chen Ping and said coldly: “Go back to work, just now Su Dong came, she has not come for some time, I do not know what to do in our sales department this time, now into the office, you have some eyesight, do not offend Su Dong, in the dragging me down!”

“Su Dong?” Chen Ping frowned slightly, “Is Su Yuqi here?”

At Chen Ping’s words, all eyes turned to him, and Sun Xiaomeng’s eyes even glared: “Do you want to die? Is Su Dong’s name something you can call? You don’t want to hurt me ……”

The others also followed Chen Ping and pulled away, fearing that if Chen Ping offended Su Yuqi with any of his words, they would all be dragged into it!

“Brother Chen Ping, go back to work, don’t talk nonsense ……”

Wang Han Han dragged Chen Ping back to his work station and went to work!

And at this time Cui Zhiyuan office, originally drank some wine at noon, closed his eyes, ready to squint for a while Cui Zhiyuan, heard the office door ring, also did not open his eyes, this time of day, he knew that except for the sales department, no one will come to him here!

And the only person who dared to walk in without knocking was Sun Xiaomeng, anyone else who dared not to knock would definitely be punished!

“Xiaomeng, you’re just in time, come over and press my head, my head hurts a little ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said with his eyes closed!

Su Yuqi looked at Cui Zhiyuan with a bit of grimness on her face, “Are you asking me to press your head?”

As soon as Su Yuqi’s words fell, Cui Zhiyuan snapped open his eyes, and when he saw that it was Su Yuqi standing in front of him, looking at him with a grim face, Cui Zhiyuan’s face instantly changed!

Bam …………

Frightened, Cui Zhiyuan hurriedly got up, and due to too much panic, he fell directly to the ground, enduring the severe pain, Cui Zhiyuan climbed up and walked to Su Yuqi with a groveling face, “Su Dong, you …… Why are you here?”

“If I don’t come, do you even want to turn this place into a club?”

Su Yuqi said coldly.

“No, no, no, I dare not …… I dare not, please forgive Su Dong ……”

Cui Zhiyuan was so frightened that he shook his head repeatedly, just about kneeling down!

Su Yuqi also did not say anything else, but walked behind the desk, Cui Zhiyuan saw this, hurriedly pulled out the chair for Su Yuqi!

After Su Yuqi sat down, she turned to Cui Zhiyuan and said, “Go get Chen Ping ……”

“Chen …… Chen Ping?” Cui Zhiyuan was stunned, he didn’t understand how Su Yuqi knew Chen Ping? What was the purpose of looking for Chen Ping?

“What? You didn’t hear?”

Su Yuqi frowned!

“Oh, I’ll be right there ……”

Cui Zhiyuan was so scared that he hurriedly ran out!

When those people in the sales department saw Cui Zhiyuan coming out, they hurriedly scattered and went back to their work stations pretending to be busy, but a pair of eyes kept staring at Cui Zhiyuan, they were curious to know what Su Yuqi wanted to do when she suddenly came to the company!

Only to see Cui Zhiyuan walk to Chen Ping’s work station and said to Chen Ping, “Chen Ping, Su Dong is looking for you, when you go, don’t talk nonsense ……”

Chen Ping got up and walked towards the office, he knew that Su Yuqi came, must have come to find himself, so he wasn’t surprised!

“What is Su Dong looking for this Chen Ping for?”

“It’s really strange, does Su Dong know this Chen Ping, why is she looking for him as soon as he arrives?”

“Could it be because Chen Ping has asked for the money owed by Mr. Meng, and Su Dong is looking for him because of this?”

“Don’t be silly, Manager Cui hasn’t reported the matter to the authorities yet, how would Su Dong know about it?”

The crowd all whispered, curious as to why Su Yuqi was looking for Chen Ping!