Phoenix Among Men Chapter 113

“Han Han, do you know if that Chen Ping knows Su Dong? Why else would Su Dong be looking for him?”

Sun Xiaomeng asked curiously to Wang Han Han.

After all, Wang Han Han and Chen Ping had known each other for a long time, so maybe Wang Han Han knew something about Chen Ping!

But Wang Han Han shook her head, “I don’t know either, but Chen Ping just got out of jail not long ago, so he shouldn’t know a big shot like Su Dong!”

When Sun Xiaomeng thought about it, it was right, Chen Ping had been in jail for three years, how could he possibly know Su Yuqi, the Su family’s eldest lady.

“I hope this guy doesn’t talk nonsense when he meets Su Dong, that would put us all in harm’s way ……”

Sun Xiaomeng said worriedly, not knowing why, she always felt that this guy Chen Ping was unreliable!

“Brother Chen Ping won’t talk nonsense!”

Wang Hanhan was rea*sured by Chen Ping.

Inside the office at this moment, Chen Ping pushed open the door somewhat awkwardly and walked in!

Seeing that Su Yuqi was sitting on a chair, Chen Ping grinned!

“Didn’t you say you were at home?”

Su Yuqi asked with a cold face.

“Ah …… I am at home, I now consider the company as home ……”

Chen Ping said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Who is Wang Hanhan?” Su Yuqi asked directly to the point.

“Do you believe me when I say she is my sister?”

Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi and asked rhetorically.

Su Yuqi sneered, “Do you say I believe it?”

Chen Ping smiled awkwardly and could only tell the whole story of his relationship with Wang Han Han, “I’ve only been neighbours with Han Han for many years, it’s not the kind of relationship you think ……”

After listening to Chen Ping’s explanation, Su Yuqi was quite relieved, in fact she still trusted Chen Ping, only she wanted to hear it from Chen Ping herself!

“What kind of relationship do I imagine you guys are now? What kind of relationship you love is what kind of relationship, it’s none of my business, make a fool of yourself ……”

Su Yuqi rolled her eyes, but inside she was already happy!

Chen Ping also saw that Su Yuqi was not angry anymore, so he asked, “How did you know that I was here? And how did you know about Wang Hanhan?”

Chen Ping was a little curious as to how Su Yuqi knew that she had come to work at the company!

After all, Chen Ping was just an ordinary employee, there was no way that information would be pa*sed on to Su Yuqi, the chairman of the board, after he joined the company, if that were the case, she, the chairman, would have died of exhaustion long ago!

“You leave it alone!” Su Yuqi stood up: “If you want to work, tell me directly, I will give you the company’s general manager position, what salesman, besides you are not short of money ah?”

“I don’t want to be the general manager, I don’t have time to manage, I just come to work to cope with my parents, otherwise they always worry about me, I still have a lot of things to do, I can’t stay in the company for a long time!”

Chen Ping waved his hand, he didn’t want to be chained to the company!

“Right, why don’t Uncle and Auntie live at the Pan Long Bay Villa, isn’t the environment there quite good?”

Su Yuqi remembered again about Chen Ping’s parents’ insistence on leaving the villa, and asked in confusion.

“I’m not sure!” Chen Ping shook his head, now Chen Ping didn’t know why his parents had to leave Pan Long Bay and had said those words to him.

“But I feel like someone said something to my parents, that’s why they left!”

As soon as Chen Ping’s words fell, Su Yuqi instantly understood, “I know, it must be that Xing Jun guy, it’s too much, he thought that just because he did that, I could look at him, he’s just too sinister a person!”

“Xing Jun?” Chen Ping froze, “Is this the general manager?”

Chen Ping now finally understood why that Xing Jun had suddenly appeared and left himself behind during the interview at that time, it turned out that he had already known about him, and he also knew about his relationship with Su Yuqi.