Phoenix Among Men Chapter 114

“Yes, it’s him, this guy has been pursuing me for years, I can’t see him!” Su Yuqi’s eyes were full of disdain when mentioning Xing Jun, and then continued, “Why don’t I go and explain after my uncle and aunt sometime, after all, Pan Long Bay has a good environment and is suitable for retirement!”

“Forget it, my parents are fine now, and there are some old neighbours to chat with, let’s wait until later ……”

Chen Ping intended to talk about it after a while.

Su Yuqi nodded, carried her bag and prepared to leave, just walked to the door, but suddenly turned back and said, “If someone bullies you, don’t be embarra*sed to tell me, it’s not possible, I’ll fire that Xing Jun ……”

“Do you think someone can bully me?” Chen Ping smiled lightly!

Su Yuqi also smiled, directly opened the door and left, Chen Ping even beat up that Feng Sihai, his body is so good, of course no one can bully him inside this company!

After Su Yuqi left, Cui Zhiyuan immediately rushed back to the office and questioned Chen Ping, “Chen Ping, what did Su Dong talk to you about just now?”

Chen Ping coldly glanced at that Cui Zhiyuan: “I don’t want to tell you ……”

After saying that, Chen Ping directly walked out of the office, making that Cui Zhiyuan furious and thunderous!

“Good for you Chen Ping, don’t think you can ask for money and not put me, the manager, in your eyes, I will make you look good ……”

Cui Zhiyuan shouted!

After Chen Ping walked out of the office, he was instantly surrounded by a bunch of people asking questions, all wanting to know what Su Yuqi had said to Chen Ping, only Chen Ping didn’t pay any attention to them!

Over the course of the afternoon, Chen Ping sorted out the bills owed and sent them all to Lin Tianhu to collect them all up!

Near the end of the day, Xing Jun suddenly visited the sales department, which made all the people in the sales department who were ready to leave work nervous, they were all afraid that Xing Jun would make them work overtime!

“Mr. Xing ……”

Cui Zhiyuan hurriedly greeted Xing Jun when he saw him coming!

Xing Jun swept a glance at the sales department, and then after resting his eyes on Chen Ping for a moment, he said to Cui Zhiyuan: “Manager Cui, your sales department has been performing well recently, so after work, I’ll treat everyone to a meal, all of you in the sales department should be there, no one should be missing, the place is at Xian He Zhuang! ”

After Xing Jun finished speaking, he turned around and left, leaving Cui Zhiyuan standing dumbfounded in his place!

“Zhiyuan, did I hear you right just now? Mr. Xing wants to treat us all to dinner? He even said that our sales department was doing well?”

Seeing this, Sun Xiaomeng hurriedly walked up to Cui Zhiyuan and asked.

Cui Zhiyuan nodded with a puzzled expression, “What’s wrong with Mr. Xing today? Have you taken the wrong medicine?”

You know that Xing Jun had never invited their entire sales department to dinner, and because of the problem of outstanding payments, Cui Zhiyuan was scolded at every meeting, so this sudden change today made him a little overwhelmed!

“Manager Cui, Mr. Xing has invited us all to dinner, this is a good thing, why are you still dazed, hurry up and inform them!”

Wang Lanlan said to Cui Zhiyuan with an excited face.

“Yes, yes, yes ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public.

But Xing Jun had instructed that no one in the sales department should be left behind!

“Everyone, just now Mr. Xing came over to praise our sales department, and also to invite all of us in the sales department to dinner, at Xian He Zhuang, everyone must be there, no absences allowed ……”

As soon as Cui Zhiyuan’s words fell, everyone in the sales department suddenly let out a burst of screams!

“Holy sh*t, Xianhezhuang, it’s so awesome ……”

“This is the best restaurant in Hongcheng, following the Regal Hotel ……”

“What’s wrong with Xing today? Is it a great mercy?”

“I have to hurry up and get dressed up, I can’t disgrace Mr. Xing!”

All at once, the crowd in the sales department began to get ready, especially some girls who ran straight to the washroom and began to dress up!