Phoenix Among Men Chapter 115

“Zhiyuan, this time you have to behave well, if you please Mr. Xing, you might be transferred to the purchasing department as a manager, that’s a fat job ……”

Sun Xiaomeng reminded to Cui Zhiyuan!

“Well, don’t worry, I will work hard and buy a house in Pan Long Bay for our wedding house when the time comes ……”

Cui Zhiyuan nodded his head!

As soon as Sun Xiaomeng heard that, a happy smile spread across her face!

Chen Ping couldn’t help but frown slightly after hearing that Xing Jun had suddenly invited the sales department to dinner, he knew that the meal was definitely aimed at himself.

But no matter what tactics that Xing Jun had, Chen Ping was not afraid!

Soon, the sales department got ready and walked out of the company together, ready to go to Xian He Zhuang!

Because all these people came to work by car, only Chen Ping and Wang Han Han were the only two who took a taxi!

“Han Han, get in the car ……”

Sun Xiaomeng drove the car and waved towards Wang Han Han!

Wang Han Han got in the car and smiled slightly towards Sun Xiaomeng: “Thank you, Sister Xiaomeng ……”

“What’s the point of being polite to me, just sit tight ……”

Sun Xiaomeng finished speaking and stepped on the accelerator with one foot!

“Ugh, Sister Xiaomeng, Brother Chen hasn’t gotten in yet …………”

Wang Han Han thought Sun Xiaomeng was even pulling Chen Ping along with her, but who knew that she would drive straight away!

“I’m not pulling him, what if I get my car dirty, there are so many cars behind me, let him take someone else’s!”

Sun Xiaomeng said in disgust!

Wang Han Han stopped talking, thinking that there were many other people driving behind, Chen Ping would be the same in anyone’s car!

But right after Sun Xiaomeng left, all those people behind them also drove past Chen Ping in their cars, but none of them stopped and let Chen Ping get in.

After Zhang Tongjian drove his second-hand Chery in front of Chen Ping, he wanted to stop and take Chen Ping with him, but Cui Zhiyuan behind him honked his horn desperately, urging Zhang Tongjian on!

Seeing this, Zhang Tongjian could only give Chen Ping a helpless look and then drove straight away.

After Cui Zhiyuan drove past Chen Ping, he stopped the car and rolled down the window to look at Chen Ping with mockery, “Chen Ping, look at your own popularity, how are you mixed up, no one is even pulling you ……”

Chen Ping just smiled coldly and didn’t say a word!

Seeing that Chen Ping did not say anything, Cui Zhiyuan became even more smug and said, “Take a taxi directly, you can take the invoice and find me for reimbursement tomorrow.”

Looking at Cui Zhiyuan’s smug look, Chen Ping sneered, “Reimbursement is not necessary, maybe I will catch up with you guys later!”

“Cut, unless you fly there, you still want to catch up to me?”

Cui Zhiyuan laughed disdainfully, stepped on the accelerator and the car sped off, he didn’t want to follow Chen Ping’s nonsense anymore!

Looking at Cui Zhiyuan who had already left, Chen Ping put the spiritual qi in his dantian on the palms of his feet, although he couldn’t fly yet, he could definitely be faster than the car if he used his sprinting steps!

But just as Chen Ping was about to run away, a Bentley suddenly stopped in front of Chen Ping and Lin Tianhu opened the door and stepped down!

When Chen Ping saw that Lin Tianhu had actually come, he couldn’t help but be a little surprised and said, “Lin Tianhu, you’re looking for me for something?”

“Temple Master, some guys who owed debts when I notified them, they were so scared that they all wanted to pay the money back, but your company’s finance had long since closed, there was no way to collect the money, they called me and I brought it here for you ……”

It turns out that after Lin Tianhu received Chen Ping’s bill, a phone call scared those who owed money to pay it back, because the financial affairs of Xin Yu Daily Chemical Company had closed early and could not receive the money, these people could only call the money to Lin Tianhu!

When Chen Ping heard that Lin Tianhu had made a special trip for this matter, he couldn’t help but smile and said, “There’s no rush, you can just transfer it directly to the company tomorrow!”