Phoenix Among Men Chapter 116

“Hall Master, where are you planning to go? Shall I give you a lift?” Lin Tianhu asked.

“To Xian He Zhuang for dinner, just in time for you to drive me there ……”

Chen Ping wouldn’t have to run there by himself this way, after all, there was a scarcity of spiritual energy now, and it wasn’t easy to cultivate a little spiritual power!

“Going to Xianhezhuang for dinner?” Lin Tianhu was stunned, “Hall Master, that is the Red Dragon Gang’s property, if you hurt that Feng Sihai, be careful they will retaliate!”

Chen Ping did not expect that this Xian He Zhuang was actually the property of the Red Dragon Gang, but Chen Ping was not afraid and said indifferently, “It’s just a casual meal, nothing will happen, if they really want to retaliate, then it will be the Red Dragon Gang that will be in trouble.”

Lin Tianhu thought rightly, with Chen Ping’s strength, even Feng Sihai, the leader of the Red Dragon Gang, was no match for him, so those small fish and shrimps below were even less worth mentioning!

Lin Tianhu opened the car door, invited Chen Ping to get in, and then kicked the accelerator towards Xian He Zhuang!

On the road, Cui Zhiyuan was humming a little song, his heart was so happy to see Chen Ping defeated.

But at that moment, a car suddenly pa*sed by his car at a great speed!

“sh*t, why the f*ck are you driving? You’re in a hurry to go to your next life. …………”

When Cui Zhiyuan finished cursing and saw that it was a Bentley, he was so scared that he hastily shut his mouth, those who could drive a Bentley in Hongcheng would definitely not be ordinary people, if he provoked this, he would be out of luck!

Just as Chen Ping was on his way to Xian He Zhuang, a middle-aged man with a beard was sitting on an office chair in a luxurious office in Xian He Zhuang!

There was a scar at the corner of his eye and he was trimming a cigar in his hand. Behind the middle-aged man were four tiger-backed men, all with their heads held high and their faces cold!

This middle-aged man was the manager of Xian He Zhuang, Liao Fei Xiong, who was also a hall master of the Red Dragon Gang, and being able to manage Xian He Zhuang proved that this Liao Fei Xiong was highly valued by Feng Sihai!

In front of Liao Fei Xiong, Xing Jun, the general manager of Xin Yu Daily Chemical was sitting there, Xing Jun’s expression was a bit unnatural, there was also a leather case beside Xing Jun, looking at these people in front of him, Xing Jun was very nervous.

Liao Fei Xiong finished trimming his cigar and after lighting it, he took a deep puff and said, “What do you want from me?”

“Brother Xiong, I want Brother Xiong to help me get rid of a person ……” Xing Jun said.

“You understand my rules?” Liao Fei Xiong asked indifferently.

“Understand, all understand, here is one million, not a penny less, and the person I want to deal with, is not a political celebrity, just an ordinary person, it will be fine!”

Xing Jun said, opening the suitcase, and the white banknotes inside were revealed!

Seeing a suitcase of banknotes, the corner of Liao Fei Xiong’s mouth lifted slightly: “I know, you give me that person’s information, you won’t see him after three days ……”

“Brother Xiong, I’m going to ask that kid to come to Xian He Zhuang for dinner later, I hope Brother Xiong can find a reason to take him out directly, otherwise I’m afraid others will suspect me!”

Xing Jun was afraid that if Chen Ping suddenly disappeared, Su Yuqi would suspect him, so he asked Liao Fei Xiong to find a random reason to take out Chen Ping during dinner, that way Su Yuqi would have no reason to suspect him!

“Let me kill someone at Xian He Zhuang?” Liao Fei Xiong frowned slightly, “You know that this will have a great impact on my business ……”

“Brother Xiong, after the matter is completed, I can pay you half a million afterwards, please do Brother Xiong a favor ……”

Xing Jun hurriedly pleaded!

“Alright, for the sake of money, I’ll help you once!” Liao Fei Xiong nodded, “I’ll send someone over later when you guys are eating.”

“Thank you Brother Xiong, thank you Brother Xiong ……”

Xing Jun thanked him repeatedly, turned around and walked out!

Walking out of Liao Fei Xiong’s office, a cold light flashed in Xing Jun’s eyes as the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, “When this Chen Ping is dead, I’ll see if Yu Qi will still reject me ……”