Phoenix Among Men Chapter 117


At the entrance of Xian He Zhuang, Lin Tianhu parked his car and opened the door for Chen Ping to step down!

“Hall Master, I’ll wait for you here and be the first to deal with things if there are any ……”

Lin Tianhu said to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping waved his hand, “No need, you can go back ……”

Lin Tianhu nodded, got in his car and left!

And just as Lin Tianhu drove away, a red BMW drove up, driven by none other than Sun Xiaomeng, with Wang Han Han also on it.

Because Sun Xiaomeng had left earlier, she was a bit ahead of the others!

“Chen Ping, did you just get off from the top of that Bentley?”

Sun Xiaomeng asked to Chen Ping with some surprise.

Just now, when she saw Chen Ping get off the Bentley, she was still a bit in disbelief, but when she got in front of Chen Ping, she had to believe it!

Chen Ping faintly nodded his head!

“Brother Chen Ping, you’re in a Bentley? I should have known I would have taken a Bentley with you, I’ve never been in one before ……”

When Wang Han Han saw that Chen Ping really came in a Bentley, she said excitedly.

But after saying that, he instantly felt something was wrong, so he apologetically smiled towards Sun Xiaomeng and said, “Sister Xiaomeng, I didn’t mean that, it’s quite good to ride in your car too ……”

“It’s fine!” Sun Xiaomeng didn’t care, she knew Wang Hanhan didn’t mean any harm!

It was just that Sun Xiaomeng’s eyes kept looking at Chen Ping, not understanding how Chen Ping could come in a Bentley?

“Chen Ping, whose Bentley are you riding in?” Sun Xiaomeng continued to ask.

“A friend’s!” Chen Ping replied indifferently.

“You still have a friend who can afford a Bentley?” This made Sun Xiaomeng a little unnerved!

A Bentley cost several million at least, and in a small city like Hongcheng, there really weren’t many people who could spend several million on a car!

Before Chen Ping could answer, Cui Zhiyuan and the others also arrived, seven or eight cars parked in the car park, looking at the Xian He Zhuang in front of them, all in awe.

“Tong Jian, put your broken car somewhere else, don’t park it here, it’s a disgrace to us ……”

Cui Zhiyuan yelled at Zhang Tongjian who had just arrived!

Zhang Tongjian had no choice but to drive the car away, while Cui Zhiyuan and the others put on a bashful look and walked towards the inside of Xianhezhuang.

Just as they reached the entrance, they saw Sun Xiaomeng and Chen Ping, which stunned the crowd!

“Chen Ping? You ……”

Cui Zhiyuan looked at Chen Ping incredulously, he couldn’t imagine that Chen Ping had actually arrived at the place even faster than him!

“I told you, I will definitely be faster than you ……”

Chen Ping looked at Cui Zhiyuan like that and said with the corner of his mouth raised!

The others were also looking at Chen Ping and sighing!

“Chen Ping, did you fly over here?”

“Did you kid take a shortcut, how did you get here so fast!”

“It’s really evil, when did he get in front of us?”

The crowd all looked at Chen Ping incredulously and asked.

“Brother Chen Ping came in a Bentley ……”

Wang Han Han said for Chen Ping with pride.

Once they heard that Chen Ping had come in a Bentley, the crowd did not believe it, and Cui Zhiyuan also snorted coldly, “He is also worthy of riding in a Bentley, I think he does not even know what a Bentley looks like, he must have taken a taxi, overtaken the shortcut and pretended to say he was in a Bentley!”

“Brother Chen Ping is really in a Bentley, Sister Xiaomeng and I both saw it ……”

Wang Han Han saw that no one believed, and explained anxiously.

The only thing that I can say is that Chen Ping has a bland face and doesn’t say anything, these people love to believe or not, Chen Ping doesn’t have to explain anything!

Seeing Wang Han Han say that Sun Xiaomeng had also seen it, the crowd put their eyes on Sun Xiaomeng, while Cui Zhiyuan asked, “Xiaomeng, is it true? Chen Ping wouldn’t really have come in a Bentley, would he?”

Sun Xiaomeng nodded, “I did see him get out of the Bentley!”