Phoenix Among Men Chapter 118

Seeing that even Sun Xiaomeng said so, the crowd had to believe it, and Cui Zhiyuan remembered what had just happened on the road, when he was overtaken by a Bentley car!

“Chen Ping, you wouldn’t run ahead of me and purposely hit a Bentley special just to act tough, would you? This is going to cost a lot of money, as far as it goes?”

Cui Zhiyuan said with a disdainful expression.

That expression was, even if you came in a Bentley, even if you arrived before me, but I still despise you!

“That Bentley is not the special car that Brother Chen Ping called, it’s a friend of Brother Chen Ping’s ……”

Wang Han Han desperately defended Chen Ping, she didn’t want Chen Ping to be looked down upon by these people!

“Hmph, would he have a friend who bought a Bentley? Don’t be so naive, who would believe him except you?” Cui Zhiyuan snorted coldly, followed by a question to the crowd, “Do you believe it?”

“No, fish looking for fish and shrimp looking for shrimp, how could Chen Ping, with his poor appearance, have a friend who bought a Bentley ……”

“Pretending, who wouldn’t say that, I even said I have a friend who bought a private jet!”

“Is this a failure to pretend? You don’t even look at your own worth, and you dare to say you have a friend who bought a Bentley!”

The crowd all mocked Chen Ping with disdain!

Even Sun Xiaomeng didn’t believe that the man in the Bentley was Chen Ping’s friend, only Wang Hanhan had no doubt about Chen Ping!

Seeing that Chen Ping didn’t say a word, and thinking that Chen Ping was weak-minded, Cui Zhiyuan said with an exuberant look on his face, “Let’s go in quickly, Mr. Xing is waiting, I’ll put my ugly words in front of you, whoever dares to upset Mr. Xing today, I’ll make you look good ……”

The crowd nodded their heads, they didn’t even dare to mess with Cui Zhiyuan, not to mention Xing Jun.

The people were finishing their clothes outside and taking deep breaths, trying to adjust their state before going in.

But just as the crowd was adjusting, Chen Ping pushed open the door of the private room and walked in, which made Cui Zhiyuan furious!

When the crowd followed him in, they were relieved to see that Xing Jun was not in the private room!

“Chen Ping, are you f*cking crazy, how can you just push the door and enter? It’s a good thing Mr. Xing isn’t here, or else he would have been angry!”

Cui Zhiyuan shouted angrily at Chen Ping!

The others also blamed Chen Ping, afraid that Chen Ping’s behaviour would drag them down with him!

Looking at the faces of Cui Zhiyuan and the others, Chen Ping sneered, “What? Why don’t you just push the door in and bow down outside? How many years has the Qing Dynasty been dead? Were your ancestors all slaves?”

Chen Ping’s words instantly made the faces of the crowd turn ugly, and Cui Zhiyuan’s face turned red with anger!

“Chen Ping, what are you bullying about? If you’re really bullish, don’t work if you’re capable, don’t be a lackey, what are you pretending to be here, one word from me and you’ll be sent packing.”

Cui Zhiyuan roared loudly!

All the people were also bad mouthing Chen Ping, demanding that Cui Zhiyuan fire Chen Ping!

Even Sun Xiaomeng was staring at Chen Ping with a somewhat ugly face, the way Chen Ping cursed at his mother when he ate his milk disgusted her!

Only Wang Han Han explained for Chen Ping: “Brother Chen Ping didn’t mean that, don’t be angry, Manager Cui ……”

Wang Han Han was afraid that Chen Ping would lose his job, after all, it’s not easy to find a good job like this, and with good benefits!

“You don’t have that ability to fire me yet ……”

Chen Ping looked at Cui Zhiyuan and said with a face full of disdain!

Chen Ping knew that Xing Jun would not agree to Cui Zhiyuan firing himself, since Xing Jun had kept him in the company, he certainly would not just fire himself like that!

“What are you talking about? I am the manager of the sales department, I have the say in the whole sales department, I still can’t fire a small employee like you? Even if you were left behind by Mr. Xing, so what? I can fire you all the same, I am the biggest in the sales department ……”

Cui Zhiyuan yelled at Chen Ping in anger and frustration!