Phoenix Among Men Chapter 119

But as soon as the words left his mouth, the door to the private room was pushed open and Xing Jun walked in straight away!

Seeing that Xing Jun had come, Cui Zhiyuan was so frightened that cold sweat instantly emerged, what he had just said was so treacherous that he didn’t even put Xing Jun in his eyes!

“Xing …… Xing ……” Cui Zhiyuan trembled and hurriedly pulled out the chair on the main seat for Xing Jun: “Xing, you sit ……”

Xing Jun slowly sat down, and then slightly tilted his head to look at Cui Zhiyuan and said, “Manager Cui, I so want to hear you say that you are the biggest in the sales department?”

Cui Zhiyuan’s head exploded and he hurriedly explained, “Mr. Xing, I was just talking nonsense, who doesn’t know that you are the biggest in the company, that Chen Ping doesn’t know the rules and provoked me with his words, I just wanted to teach him a lesson ……”

“You just know who is the biggest ……”

The corners of Xing Jun’s mouth lifted slightly before he waved his hand and said, “All sit down!”

Only after receiving Xing Jun’s permission did the crowd dare to take their seats, while Chen Ping sat directly next to Xing Jun.

Since Chen Ping knew Xing Jun’s intentions, he would meet this Xing Jun properly and see what he had up his sleeve!

Seeing that Chen Ping had actually sat next to Xing Jun, Cui Zhiyuan immediately roared, “Chen Ping, do you know what your status is? Is that seat for you?”

Knowing that such an almost rare thing, anyone would want to sit next to Xing Jun and then follow him to pull in some affection!

Now Chen Ping was actually sitting directly next to Xing Jun, which made Cui Zhiyuan feel very discontented!

The crowd also looked angrily at Chen Ping, as a newcomer to the sales department, Chen Ping was not qualified to sit next to the old boss for dinner, even they, the old people, were afraid that they were barely there, and the seats to the left and right of Xing Jun must be given to Cui Zhiyuan and Sun Xiaomeng!

“What? Where to sit still divided qualifications? Is it written on the stool that I can’t sit?”

Chen Ping said with a cold smile!

“Chen Ping, do you really don’t know or don’t know, I think you’re just doing it on purpose, trying to get close to Mr. Xing, aren’t you? You’re just a new salesman, what kind of trickery is that?

Wang Lanlan also accused Chen Ping angrily.

The crowd was also shouting accusations at Chen Ping, saying that he was just trying to suck up to the general manager!

Such a good position, they, the old employees, couldn’t even get a turn, why should Chen Ping be allowed to sit, no one had a balance in their hearts, so they were accusing Chen Ping!

Chen Ping swept a glance at the crowd, his face full of disdain: “Don’t impose your ideas on me, I don’t care who you want to add, but I can sit wherever I want, and you don’t want to control me either!”

Chen Ping made his buttocks next to Xing Jun before smiling lightly and saying, “General Manager Xing, I’m not condescending to your status by sitting here, am I?”

Chen Ping looked at Xing Jun with a bit of provocation in his eyes, this Xing Jun dared to brush his little wits against himself, Chen Ping certainly wouldn’t be accustomed to him!

Seeing Chen Ping actually follow Xing Jun with such a tone of voice, this scared Cui Zhiyuan and the others!

Even Wang Han Han pinched a cold sweat for Chen Ping!

“Chen Ping, how are you talking to Mr. Xing?”

“Just like you, you dare to compare yourself to General Manager Xing, have some face!”

“Chen Ping, don’t think that just because General Manager Xing is easy-going, you’re getting ahead of yourself, get up quickly ……”

The crowd shouted at Chen Ping!

And that Cui Zhiyuan was in a cold sweat, full of tension as he followed Xing Jun and explained, “Mr. Xing, this kid has a brain problem, you must not be angry ……”

As Xing Jun listened to the accusations and chiding of Chen Ping by the crowd, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly and he said with a faint smile, “No harm, just let him sit here!”

After Xing Jun finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Chen Ping, with a few profound words in his eyes, “It is right for young people to have a temper, but a temper that is too hard will easily break ……”