Phoenix Among Men Chapter 120

“Thank you General Manager Xing for reminding me, I am a person who would rather bend than break ……” Chen Ping also had a few deep smiles on his face!

Xing Jun just smiled and didn’t say anything else, because after a while, he would know if this Chen Ping would bend ……

Chen Ping occupied a position, Cui Zhiyuan could only helplessly sit to Xingjun’s left, and Sun Xiaomeng this sat right next to Cui Zhiyuan!

If it wasn’t for Chen Ping, that position would have been hers. If Xing Jun had been happy today, maybe Cui Zhiyuan would have been transferred to the purchasing department, and she would have been the sales manager!

Now Sun Xiaomeng regretted bringing Chen Ping into the company, if he had known this, he would not have agreed to introduce Chen Ping into the company, this is not to find trouble for himself!

“Chen Ping, if it wasn’t for Mr. Xing, would you have been able to enter the company? Can you sit here and eat? Let me tell you, just like you, you will never be able to eat at Xian He Zhuang for the rest of your life, rubbish ……”

Cui Zhiyuan insulted Chen Ping with a disdainful face.

Now was the right time to show loyalty to Xing Jun, of course Cui Zhiyuan wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity!


However, just as Cui Zhiyuan’s words landed, he was slapped directly in the face immediately afterwards!

This slap instantly shocked the crowd!

Everyone looked at Cui Zhiyuan in a dazed and confused manner, while Cui Zhiyuan himself looked at Chen Ping with wide eyes, incredulously, he didn’t expect Chen Ping to dare to hit him!

And Xing Jun, who was sitting in the middle, frowned slightly, this Chen Ping had directly hit Cui Zhiyuan in front of himself, this was not taking himself into consideration at all!

“This slap is just to teach you a lesson, I won’t move you just for the sake of Uncle Sun, if you dare to disrespect me again, I’ll rip your head off ……”

Chen Ping coldly glanced at that Cui Zhiyuan, with a strong killing intent in his eyes!

With this glance, Cui Zhiyuan was frightened enough, his body trembled slightly, and his whole body was like falling into an ice cave.

“Chen Ping, are you crazy, why did you hit Zhiyuan?”

Sun Xiaomeng saw that Chen Ping had actually done something to Cui Zhiyuan and immediately shouted angrily at Chen Ping!

“Chen Ping, you even dare to hit Manager Cui, I think you don’t want to work anymore!”

“Against, simply against the sky, a small salesman, how dare he hit the sales manager, he must be fired ……”

The crowd spoke for Cui Zhiyuan, bending over backwards!

“Chen Ping, kneel down and apologize to Manager Cui now, maybe he can forgive you and let you stay in the company, or you will definitely be fired!”

Wang Lanlan pointed at Chen Ping and said in a stern voice!

“Brother Chen Ping …………” Wang Han Han looked at Chen Ping, somewhat at a loss for words, she also didn’t expect Chen Ping to suddenly strike at Cui Zhiyuan!

“Firing me?” The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly: “Just by virtue of him, he is not qualified to fire me, the titled Great Manager Xing is here, where he has the right to speak for a sales department manager!”

“Chen Ping, I’ll get you to death …………”

Cui Zhiyuan roared loudly after a moment of shock, not daring how scared he was at this time, he had to act fearlessly, or else he, the sales manager, would have no place in the hearts of his staff!


Cui Zhiyuan’s words had just fallen and was about to rush towards Chen Ping when Chen Ping flung another slap at him!

Chen Ping was so fast that Cui Zhiyuan didn’t even have time to dodge!

But while Chen Ping was hitting Cui Zhiyuan, his eyes were looking at Xing Jun with a provocative look in them!

Only Xing Jun’s face was grim as he didn’t move a muscle!

After receiving two slaps in a row, Cui Zhiyuan was about to get mad and said to Chen Ping with bubbling anger, “Chen Ping, I …………”