Phoenix Among Men Chapter 127

This time if it wasn’t against Chen Ping, Liao Fei Xiong wouldn’t have been like this!

Xing Jun was thrown out and his whole body looked a bit disoriented!

A million dollars of serious hard work was gone, and in the end, he hadn’t even done anything to Chen Ping, he hadn’t even been injured!

Xing Jun felt like it was too much of a loss!

“Ah …………” Xing Jun walked out of Xian He Zhuang and fought to yell, discovering the dissatisfaction in his heart!


Yuhua Street, a famous snack street in Hongcheng!

During the daytime it was hard to see a single person here, but at night it was bustling with big stalls on both sides of the road.

Chen Ping followed Wang Han Han and found a stall to sit at, ordered something he liked to eat and waited slowly!

Because there were too many people, it took a bit longer to wait!

“Brother Chen Ping, that Bentley just now was so comfortable to sit in, does it really belong to your friend?”

Wang Han Han asked to Chen Ping with some excitement.

“Of course, what am I lying to you for, the one who was driving just now, was my friend’s driver ……”

Chen Ping it wasn’t really a lie, although Lin Tianhu was Chen Ping’s man, he was also considered a friend!

“What kind of business does your friend do? It’s too rich ……”

Wang Han Han was curious as to what Chen Ping’s friend actually did!

“I’m not sure, it’s just some trade or something like that, he’s still single, just a bit older, otherwise I would have introduced him to you ……”

If Lin Tianhu wasn’t on the older side, it wouldn’t be impossible for Chen Ping to introduce Lin Tianhu to Wang Hanhan!

“I don’t want to, I want to find, also find a Chen Ping brother like you ……”

Wang Han Han looked at Chen Ping and said with love in her eyes!

Seeing this, Chen Ping hurriedly turned his face to the side, not daring to look at Wang Han Han’s eyes!

“The food is here, let’s order some more beer ……”

At this time, the ordered food came up, and also forget to save Chen Ping a little, otherwise Chen Ping really do not know how to face Wang Han Han!

Wang Han Han’s heart for him is simply too blatant, a person can see it!

“Good, let’s not get drunk today ……”

Wang Han Han nodded happily!

Chen Ping ordered two cases of beer, after all, Wang Han Han’s drinking capacity, he could drink a case himself!

The two drank and chatted about the things they used to do as children, when they were only teenagers, Chen Ping had moved to Hongcheng from the countryside following his mother, while Wang Han Han’s family had lived in Hongcheng since they were kids!

The neighbourhood they used to live in was not too bad, but with the rapid economic development, in just a few years’ time, new high-rise buildings kept coming up, so Chen Ping’s neighbourhood became old and dilapidated!

“Brother Chen Ping, I remember when someone bullied me as a child, it was always you who helped me out, at that time I felt especially safe when I hid behind you ……”

Wang Han Han said with great emotion as she recalled her childhood!

Chen Ping just smiled and didn’t say anything!

“Brother Chen Ping, I remember you even pulled out bird eggs for me, being chased and beaten by Uncle Chen, and you even brought me milk candies from home to eat …………”

Wang Han Han recalled more and more how good Chen Ping had been to her!

Just then, suddenly a girl with a full head of yellow hair, high heels and a step skirt sat down in front of their table!

“Han Han, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect you to come here for a big stall too ……”

The yellow-haired girl said as she patted Wang Han Han’s shoulder.

Wang Han Han looked up and also immediately got up and said, “Wu Yifan, didn’t you go abroad? When did you come back?”

Wu Yifan smiled awkwardly, “What abroad, I’ve been in China all this time, saying that I went abroad is just a lie to my parents ……”

“Then what are you doing now?” Wang Han Han asked as she shot a glance at Wu Yifan.

Wu Yifan was silent for a moment and then said awkwardly, “I’m doing public relations!”

Chen Ping looked at that Wu Yifan, at the first glance he guessed what Wu Yifan did, it must be one of those unspeakable professions!