Phoenix Among Men Chapter 128

Wang Han Han looked at Wu Yi Fan like that and also seemed to have guessed what was going on, and fell silent for a while, not knowing what to say!

“Who is this one? Is he your boyfriend?”

Wu Yi Fan asked, looking at Chen Ping in order to ease the embarra*sment.

“No …… this is my brother Chen Ping ……”

When Wang Han Han heard this, she blushed and hurriedly explained!

Chen Ping got up and extended his hand towards Wu Yi Fan, “Hello, my name is Chen Ping!”

“Hello, my name is Wu Yi Fan, me and Han Han are cla*smates and housemates ……”

Wu Yi Fan followed Chen Ping and shook his hand and said.

But looking at Wang Han Han’s expression, Wu Yi Fan knew that this little girl must be in love with Chen Ping, but just didn’t make her relationship clear!

Chen Ping invited Wu Yifan to sit down and eat with him, and Wu Yifan didn’t feel polite.

“Han Han, there’s a cla*smate party tomorrow, are you going?”

Wu Yi Fan asked Wang Han Han after she sat down.

“Cla*smates’ party? Who’s organizing it?”

Wang Han Han had graduated two or three years ago and hadn’t organized a cla*smates’ party, so this time, Wang Han Han suddenly held a cla*smates’ party, Wang Han Han felt a bit surprised!

“What? No one informed you?” Wu Yi Fan was stunned!

Wang Han Han shook her head!

Wu Yifan sighed and said, “It’s no wonder you weren’t informed, it was Zhang Miao who organized it, she’s now with Leng Bing!”

When she heard the name Leng Bing, Wang Han Han’s body shook and anger began to flash on her face!

Chen Ping looked at Wang Han Han’s expression and asked Wu Yifan, “Who is Leng Bing?”

Wu Yi Fan didn’t answer Chen Ping directly, but looked at Wang Han Han, and only after Wang Han Han gave her permission would she speak!

“Leng Bing is the boyfriend I used to have!”

Wang Han Han answered herself!

“The same guy who cheated you out of money?” Chen Ping knew that Wang Han Han was a dancer all because she had been cheated by her own ex-boyfriend and had taken on loan sharks to do that!

Wang Han Han nodded.

“Han Han, that Leng Bing cheated you out of money?” Wu Yifan didn’t know about this yet, so she said to Wu Yifan with some surprise.

After hearing this, Wu Yifan immediately said with a face of anger, “I have long seen that this guy is not a good person, and that Zhang Miao, thanks to the fact that we are still in the same dormitory, when we were in school she targeted you at every turn, and now she is still going together with that Leng Bing, obviously she is targeting you, just let this scum of Leng Bing give that Zhang Miao a good treatment as well!”

“That’s all in the past, I don’t want to have anything to do with that Leng Bing now, I won’t go to the cla*s reunion, and you don’t say you’ve seen me ……”

Wang Han Han didn’t want to go to the cla*s reunion, and she didn’t want Leng Bing to know that it was because of him that Wang Han Han didn’t go!

“Since you decided not to go, then I won’t go either, it’s meaningless, the reunion nowadays is just a chance for those students who are doing well to show off ……”

If Wang Han Han doesn’t go, Wu Yi Fan doesn’t want to go either!

“Han Han, why not go to such an opportunity? It’s just as well to show that scum how well you’re doing now ……”

Chen Ping persuaded Wang Han Han!

“Brother Chen Ping?” Wang Han Han looked at Chen Ping in confusion, not understanding what Chen Ping meant by this!

“I’ll accompany you tomorrow, just in time to mix up a meal ……”

Chen Ping smiled lightly!

Wang Han Han had a surprised look on her face, but a delighted smile soon appeared on her face!

“Han Han, your boyfriend is right, let’s all go tomorrow and show that slag how well you’re living now ……”

Seeing this, Wu Yi Fan also persuaded Wang Han Han!

This time, Wang Han Han didn’t explain after Wu Yi Fan, but nodded her head!

But just as Chen Ping and the three of them were drinking and chatting, a fat-headed man with a gold chain came over and without saying a word directly gave that Wu Yi Fan a mouthful!