Phoenix Among Men Chapter 129

“Malgobi, I paid for you to come out to drink with me, not to accompany others, I said how come I didn’t find you for half a day!”

The man with the fat head and big ears said with a curse in his mouth!

When Wu Yi Fan saw this, he hurriedly got up and said with a groveling face, “Brother Fatty, I met a friend, so I chatted for a while, I will follow you immediately ……”

And at this time Wang Han Han saw that Wu Yi Fan was beaten, immediately stood up and said with an unhappy face, “How can you reach out and hit someone? So what if you spend money, it is not sold to you ……”

Wang Hanhan had worked as a dancer, so she knew what these people were thinking, that spending some money to call someone out became like his personal property!

The fat-headed man saw that Wang Han Han dared to follow his own words like this, and immediately his face turned cold: “Little girl, not small in courage, daring to follow my words like this, I see you look quite marked, how about sleeping with your brother for one night? It’s just as well that you two are together, I’ll have a double flight ……”

The fat-headed man said and was about to make a move on Wang Han Han, not giving any thought to Chen Ping who was sitting on the side!

“Brother Fatty, this is a friend of mine, she doesn’t know any better, I’ll just accompany you tonight, I promise to serve Brother Fatty comfortably ……”

Wu Yi Fan hurriedly stopped the fat-headed man and said.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“Get out of the way, I want to play double flying, if you stop me, believe it or not I’ll kill you ……”

The fat-headed man said as he pushed Wu Yi Fan away!

Wang Han Han saw this, hurried to hold Wu Yi Fan, and then eyes angrily look at the fat-headed man!

She knew that many people who look fierce and fierce, the more afraid you are, the more they will take advantage of you, so Wang Han Han acted like she wasn’t afraid at all!

“Little girl has some guts ……”

The fat-headed man saw Wang Han Han glaring at himself, so he grinned and grabbed towards Wang Han Han with one hand!

Slap ……

Clap …………

But just as the fat-headed man grabbed towards Wang Han Han, suddenly a seated Chen Ping made his move and a beer bottle smashed directly on the man’s head!

Blood instantly flowed out from the man’s head, and the man squatted on the ground with his hands on his head in pain!

When Wu Yi Fan saw that Chen Ping had actually made a move against this fat-headed man, he immediately turned pale with fear.

“Fatty, you …… are you alright?”

Wu Yi Fan hurriedly asked as he helped the man up!

“f*ck you ……” The fat-headed man pushed Wu Yifan away and then looked angrily at Chen Ping and said, “Paralyzed, you dare to hit me, you’ve simply eaten the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard, I will kill you today! ……”

Chen Ping saw that this guy still dared to curse and swear, immediately picked up another wine bottle, scared the fat-headed man immediately ran far away, and then shouted: “You kid wait for me, I’ll go call someone ……”

Soon, the fat-headed man ran away, while Chen Ping looked at Wang Han Han and Wu Yi Fan like nothing was wrong and said, “Sit down, let’s continue eating!”

“Why are you still eating? Run away quickly, do you know what kind of person this guy is? This trip to the street is covered by him, there are more than a dozen minions under him, how can you make a move on him, this is going to be trouble ……”

Wu Yi Fan is full of anxiety, as if ants on a hot pot, where there is still mood to eat!

“Don’t worry, let’s just continue eating, no need to be afraid of him ……”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

Seeing that Chen Ping wasn’t scared at all, Wu Yi Fan looked strangely at Wang Han Han and asked, “Han Han, what does this boyfriend of yours do? Isn’t it a very powerful background?”