Phoenix Among Men Chapter 130

After knowing the man’s identity, Chen Ping was surprisingly not afraid at all, in Wu Yi Fan’s opinion, Chen Ping must have a background, otherwise he wouldn’t be so bashful!

“We work together, from the teenage is neighbours, there is no background ah ……”

Wang Han Han frowned slightly said!

“Impossible, no background, how can you not be afraid at all?”

Wu Yi Fan does not believe, if it was an ordinary person, hearing that man’s identity, would have been scared!

“There really isn’t any background, Brother Chen Ping he just did jail time and just got out ……”

In Wang Han Han’s opinion, Chen Ping’s experience in jail should be considered background, after all, people who have been in jail, ordinary people are more or less scared when they see it!

“No wonder, it turns out that you have spent time inside, it looks like you also know some people, but this Fatty is not just a small gangster who covers a street, he is a member of the Red Dragon Gang, so I advise you to take Han Han and go ……”

Wu Yi Fan advised to Chen Ping!

“The Red Dragon Gang?” When Chen Ping heard that, he felt something interesting, why did he always come across people from the Red Dragon Gang today!

“What, you’re afraid, right? The Red Dragon Gang is the biggest gang in Hongcheng, you know those what triads, it’s impossible to protect you, you’d better take Han Han and go now, I’ll see if I can persuade Fatty later, big deal, I don’t want the money tonight ……”

Wu Yi Fan intended to follow that fat-headed man himself and beg for mercy!

“Afraid?” Chen Ping laughed, “It’s only right that the people of the Red Dragon Gang are afraid of me, they’ll turn tail and run when they see me!”

“Afraid of you?” Wu Yifan shot a glance at Chen Ping and said in no good mood, “I’m not joking with you, if you want to act tough, you can do it yourself, but you can’t drag Han Han into it!”

Wu Yi Fan said, took Wang Han Han’s hand and said, “Han Han, let’s go, let him stay behind and pretend to be a p*ssy, look what kind of boyfriend you found!”

At the beginning, when Chen Ping persuaded Wang Han Han to go to the reunion, Wu Yi Fan still had some good feelings towards Chen Ping, but at this moment, she didn’t have any good feelings at all, in her opinion, Chen Ping was a person who only pretended to be a p*ssy!

“Yi Fan, Brother Chen Ping is not the kind of person you say he is ……”

Wang Han Han didn’t want to leave, but she was pulled hard by Wu Yi Fan to leave!

“Han Han, don’t be silly, you don’t hang out on the road, you don’t know the power of the Red Dragon Gang, in the whole of Hong City, there is no one who is not afraid of the Red Dragon Gang, this Chen Ping has done a few years in jail, he really doesn’t know the sky is high ……”

Wu Yi Fan pulled Wang Han Han and did not let go!

When Wu Yi Fan was pulling after Wang Han Han, suddenly a group of people came around, and the leader was the man with the fat head and big ears, and at that moment the man’s head was already bandaged!

When she saw the man coming with his men, Wu Yifan turned pale with fear and let go of Wang Hanhan, somewhat at a loss for words!

Wang Han Han saw that there were many people on the other side, and they were all fierce and fierce, so she was scared too!

Only Chen Ping was still sitting calmly in the same place!

“Kid, you really have some f*cking guts, you didn’t even run away, today I’ll let you know know what I’m capable of ……”

The fat-headed man said, bending down to pick up a wine bottle and swung it towards Chen Ping!

“Fatty ……”

The man with the fat head and big ears hurriedly stepped forward to stop the man with the fat head and big ears: “Brother Fatty, don’t be angry, he already regretted it just now, once I followed him and told him about Brother Fatty’s identity, he would have been scared to death, Brother Fatty, for my sake, forgive him once, I will accompany Brother Fatty for free for a few nights in the future, and let him pay some money to make amends to Brother Fatty… …”

Originally, the fat-headed man still wanted to be unforgiving, but once he heard that the other party was willing to pay for the settlement, he withdrew the bottle in his hand and asked Wu Yi Fan, “How much can he pay? My head, not just anyone can hit it!”