Phoenix Among Men Chapter 131

Wu Yi Fan was stunned, how could she know how much Chen Ping could pay, she could only look at Chen Ping and ask, “Brother Fatty has asked you, how much do you want to pay to settle this matter? I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for Brother Fatty’s face, even if you pay, Brother Fatty would have to scrap you!”

Wu Yi Fan was scaring at Chen Ping, hoping that Chen Ping would pay a little more to send this man away and save himself the pain of flesh and blood!

Seeing Wu Yi Fan bragging about himself like this, a smile finally appeared on the fat-headed man’s face!

“Is this amount okay?” Chen Ping slowly held out a finger!

“Ten thousand dollars and you want to get rid of me?” The man with the fat head and ears saw this and said with a cold look on his face!

“Chen Ping, what are you thinking, offering 10,000 yuan after beating up Fatty, sending off a caller ah ……”

Wu Yi Fan reprimanded Chen Ping, desperately winking at him!

“I’m not talking about 10,000 yuan ……”

Chen Ping shook his head!

“One hundred thousand dollars isn’t much!” The fat-headed man said!

Wu Yifan also had some difficulties at this time, 100,000 yuan was already quite a lot by definition, looking at Chen Ping like this, and also just out of jail, it was impossible to have much money.

“Brother Fatty, look at him, I think 100,000 is his limit, he just got out of jail, he probably doesn’t have much money on him!”

Wu Yi Fan was pleading on Chen Ping’s behalf!

“Just got out of jail?” The fat-headed man was stunned: “No wonder he’s so ruthless, he’s got some guts, I don’t care if he has money, 100,000 yuan to get rid of me, it’s impossible ……”

Wu Yi Fan saw the man did not agree, can only look at Chen Ping again said: “You take more, no I still have some on me, all lend you, but I can say well, you are to pay back, and this money is I borrowed for the sake of Han Han!”

“I’m not talking about 100,000 yuan either ……” Chen Ping shook his head again!

Seeing that Chen Ping was not talking about 100,000 yuan either, Wu Yi Fan froze, but the fat-headed man had excitement on his face, but still said in a fake cold voice: “Are you talking about one million? If you can offer a million, I won’t bother with you, and seeing as you’ve been in the bureau too, I can let you hang out with me ……”

“I’m talking about a dollar …………”

Chen Ping said, taking out a coin from his pocket and flicking it in his hand!

Seeing Chen Ping just pay himself a dollar, the man was instantly furious: “D*mn, you kid dare to fool me, I’ll get you killed today ……”

The man, Wu Yi Fan, was also furious: “Chen Ping, what do you mean? I begged you for mercy and you didn’t even appreciate it, you only offered me one dollar, I don’t care about you anymore ……”

Wu Yi Fan was furious with Chen Ping, if it wasn’t for Wang Han Han’s sake, she wouldn’t have cared about Chen Ping!

Wu Yifan dodged to the side, while the fat-headed man picked up a chair by the hand and smashed it towards Chen Ping!

This time he had brought a dozen people with him, so he wasn’t afraid of Chen Ping anymore, and he was obviously much more ruthless in his attack.

But just as the fat-headed man smashed at Chen Ping, Chen Ping suddenly flicked the coin in his hand, and it hit the man’s wrist like a bullet.

A sharp pain came, the man threw away the chair in his hand, and when he looked at his wrist, it had already bled like blood!

“Cut him down, cut him down for me …………”

The fat-headed man roared.

The dozen or so men the man brought with him saw this and pulled out their weapons and rushed towards Chen Ping!

“Brother Chen Ping ……”

When Wang Han Han saw this, she shrieked in shock and wanted to go over to protect Chen Ping, but she was pulled by Wu Yi Fan to death!

If Wang Han Han went over at this time, she would be putting her life on the line for nothing!