Phoenix Among Men Chapter 132

Chen Ping was facing the dozen of people, still sitting in his chair, not even moving, the look on his face still the same!

He just picked up a plate of peanut rice on the table, and then grabbed a handful of it and threw it at the dozen people who rushed over!

Seeing that Chen Ping was actually throwing peanut rice towards himself, the dozen of men all had disdain on their faces and none of them dodged!

What harm could peanut rice do to the body?

But soon, the dozens of men regretted it!

Because they felt that the peanut rice hit their bodies as if they had been hit by a bullet, and their whole bodies shook violently.

Seeing this scene, the fat-headed man was stunned, his whole body was as if he had been made to freeze, looking motionlessly at these wailing men in front of him!

“What …… is going on here?” The man with the fat head and big ears swallowed hard!

No answer to him, because at this time Wu Yi Fan also long frozen, she did not expect Chen Ping is so powerful, Wu Yi Fan instinctively turned her head to Wang Han Han, she hoped Wang Han Han could explain to her properly, Chen Ping what the hell is going on here!

At this moment, Wang Han Han also looked confused, she herself did not know that Chen Ping had such a skill, with a handful of peanut rice alone, directly downed a dozen people, this is simply too incredible!

“Are you still getting me killed?” Chen Ping looked at the fat-headed man and asked with a bemused expression.

The man’s throat rolled, wanting to say something, but looking at Chen Ping’s bland expression, he couldn’t say a word!

It was only after a while that the fat-headed man sobered up from his shock and after taking two deep breaths with great effort, he said to Chen Ping, “Kid, you really have some skills, but do you know whose man I am? I am a member of the Red Dragon Gang, and this trip to the street also belongs to the Red Dragon Gang. If you beat me up now, you are following our entire Red Dragon Gang as an enemy ……”

“What can I do if I’m an enemy of your Red Dragon Gang? If you have the ability, just use it ……”

Chen Ping couldn’t help but sneer!

The fat-headed man’s face turned red with anger, and finally took out his mobile phone and dialed out a number!

Although they didn’t know who he was calling, they all knew that the fat-headed man must be calling for help!

Soon after the phone hung up, the man with the fat head and big ears had a hint of smugness on his face: “Kid, you can wait to die, this time Brother Xiong himself will come, even if you have a hundred strips, you won’t be able to leave alive ……”

This man was calling Liao Fei Xiong, now that Feng Sihai had left the Red Dragon Gang and left everything to Liao Fei Xiong to take care of, so now that something was wrong, he could only call Liao Fei Xiong!

As soon as he heard the word Brother Xiong, Chen Ping however smiled, he had just come out of Liao Fei Xiong’s office, he didn’t expect to meet again right away!

“Well then, I’m waiting to see how this Brother Xiong you speak of can actually make me die ……”

Chen Ping said with a face full of disdain!

The two words “Xiong” were used to describe the two words “Xiong”, and Wu Yifan’s face turned green. If he really comes, Chen Ping will definitely be killed ……”

When Wang Han Han heard this, she was also frightened and nodded slightly before walking over to Chen Ping and saying softly, “Brother Chen Ping, we’d better go, it’s too late …………”