Phoenix Among Men Chapter 135

It was just Chen Ping’s attitude that Wang Han Han didn’t know, and she couldn’t guess Chen Ping!

“What are you guys talking about at the door at this late hour?”

Just then, Chen Ping walked over with a smiling face!

“Brother Chen Ping …………”

Seeing that Chen Ping had returned, Wang Han Han hurriedly rushed over and looked at Chen Ping with concern to see if he was injured!

Wang Changfeng and also Chen Baoguo saw Wang Hanhan following Chen Ping that way, both of them smiled!

Only Tang Hongying sighed, “If only I could see the two children get married with my own eyes, how great would that be ……”

When Chen Ping heard that, he wanted to follow his parents and explain that he only treated Wang Han Han as his sister, but seeing the hot eyes of the two adults, he didn’t know how to speak!

“Mom, don’t worry, I’ll definitely find a way to cure your eyes ……”

Chen Ping didn’t explain, he just spoke indifferently!

“All used to it, you don’t care about me, you two work well, in the future when you have money, buy a wedding house, in buy a car, I guess your father and I can’t help you much!”

Tang Hongying said with some self-condemnation!

After all, Chen Ping had not yet gotten married, and they felt guilty for not being able to help out as parents!

“Hongying, don’t be like that, just let the two children live well, my family doesn’t want anything anyway ……”

Wang Changfeng patted Tang Hongying’s shoulder!

Chen Ping listened, a burst of unpleasant feelings inside, he really did not know how he should speak!

“Brother Chen Ping, Uncle Chen has bought you a car, we can drive to work tomorrow ……”

Wang Han Han said to Chen Ping, she did this to interrupt the elders, after all she and Chen Ping hadn’t even established their relationship yet, it was too early to talk about their marriage round!

“Chen Ping, your father ran all day today to buy you this car, although it’s not a good car, but it’s better than taking the bus to work ……”

Wang Changfeng also said to Chen Ping!

A group of people walked downstairs, Chen Ping and Wang Han Han saw, in the parking space downstairs, parked a silver and white Changan car, but a look at the car is not new!

“Chen Ping, this is a second-hand Changan, although it is second-hand, but not many kilometres, or people first-hand car, the car is in pretty good condition, as long as more than 40,000 yuan, I’ll buy it for you, you do not blame Dad is not capable ………… ”

Chen Baoguo some apologetic after Chen Ping said!

Chen Ping listened to Chen Baoguo’s words, his eyes suddenly wet a: “Dad, this car is quite good, I can earn money now, you do not have to worry about it ……”

“Well, I’m relieved to see you going to work with peace of mind, as long as you do a good job, you’ll have everything in the future!”

Chen Baoguo nodded his head and encouraged Chen Ping!

Chen Ping originally wanted to go to work for a few days and find an excuse not to go, because going to work was too affecting his cultivation, but now he did not dare to think about not going to work, he could only go to work for the time being and stabilize his parents’ emotions!


The next day, when Chen Ping went to the company in his second-hand Chang’an, he was, not surprisingly, ridiculed by a group of people again, but Chen Ping didn’t care!

And Wang Han Han also turned a deaf ear to the people’s words, at this moment she was very happy inside, to be able to sit in the pa*senger seat every day, following Chen Ping to and from work, is happiness!

“Chen Ping, today’s accounts, you must all come up, or you will get the hell out of my way ……”

Not long after he got to work, Cui Zhiyuan found Chen Ping and ordered!

Last night’s incident, Cui Zhiyuan already hated Chen Ping, beat himself in public, and also humiliated himself, Cui Zhiyuan can’t just let it go!

Chen Ping coldly looked at Cui Zhiyuan twice, but ignored him, but it was Wang Han Han who was a little anxious.

“Manager Cui, with so many accounts, how can Brother Chen Ping ask for them in a day, aren’t you making it difficult for him?”

Chen Ping didn’t say anything, but Wang Han Han was upset for Chen Ping!