Phoenix Among Men Chapter 136

“What? You want to go with him to collect the debt too? If that’s the case, you go with him to a group, if you can’t finish today, all of you don’t work ……”

When Cui Zhiyuan saw that Wang Hanhan dared to question himself, he said with a cold face!

“Manager Cui, I choose to transfer groups …………”

At this time, Zhang Tongjian hurriedly raised his hand and said.

He could see that Cui Zhiyuan was targeting Chen Ping, and since Chen Ping had been so disrespectful to Xing Jun yesterday, he felt that if he followed Chen Ping in a group, sooner or later he would also be dragged down by bad luck!

“Alright then, let Wang Han Han follow you for a transfer!”

Cui Zhiyuan nodded his head!

This time, Sun Xiaomeng watched and wasn’t speaking up for Wang Hanhan, after all, Chen Ping had beaten Cui Zhiyuan yesterday, which also made her very unhappy, especially since this Chen Ping also dared to offend Xing Jun, which was an act of seeking death!

Cui Zhiyuan went back to his office, while Zhang Tongjian was like avoiding the plague, hurriedly packing up his desk and moving away!

Looking at Zhang Tongjian’s appearance, Chen Ping smiled coldly, he originally felt that Zhang Tongjian was not a bad young man, originally thought of reusing him in the future, after all, who want to reuse, is also Chen Ping’s words, Su Yuqi will not care!

But now, Chen Ping has no such idea, maybe this is the so-called workplace, when faced with a conflict of interest, all will save themselves!

“Brother Chen Ping, what about this …… this?”

Wang Han Han looked at Chen Ping somewhat helplessly!

They could find such a good job and their parents were happy, but if they were fired, how could they explain to their parents?

“Don’t worry, those accounts will soon be paid to the company’s account ……”

Chen Ping comforted Wang Han Han!

Despite this, Wang Han Han didn’t quite believe it, those companies that owed money, how could they take the initiative to pay back, unless those bosses were sick in the head!

“Han Han, you say you are why this is suffering, this is finished, even you are afraid to be fired, with your condition, find what kind of boyfriend can not find, you follow Chen Ping split, sister find you a rich second generation ……”

Wang Lanlan came over and said to Wang Hanhan.

Wang Han Han did not say anything, just shook her head, even if she was expelled, she would not separate from Chen Ping!

“Silly girl ……” Wang Lanlan saw this and could only smile helplessly.

Su Yuqi originally might have persuaded Wang Han Han, but looking at this situation, it also felt unnecessary, she knew that Chen Ping and Wang Han Han would be the last day of work today!

“This is the first time the company has fired someone just two days after they arrived!”

“No, I’ve never seen such a crazy employee, he even dared to beat up the manager!”

“He deserved it, what’s the point of pretending, if he was really capable, would he have come to work here?”

The others in the sales department were talking about Chen Ping!

Just as the people were talking, suddenly someone from the finance department came in a hurry!

“Xiao Sun, what brings you to our sales department? Are there any discrepancies in the accounts again?”

Seeing that the person from the finance department had come, Sun Xiaomeng went forward and asked.

“Sister Xiaomeng, your sales department is so awesome, as soon as we got to work today, all the money owed from outside was actually credited into the company’s account, and now there is no more company in arrears, who is responsible for this in your sales department? It’s simply awesome ……”

The financial Xiaosun followed Sun Xiaomeng with great enthusiasm and said!

“What? All the money owed has come back?” Sun Xiaomeng froze at once!

And the rest of the sales department also got up, looking at that finance Xiaosun with an incredulous face!

“Little Sun, are you sure you’re not mistaken? So many outstanding debts, have they really all been paid back?”

Wang Lanlan also asked incredulously.

“What am I lying to you guys for, don’t you know? This outstanding money has always been chased by your sales department, who chased it back, you would not know?”

Finance Xiao Sun looked at Sun Xiaomeng and Wang Lan Lan curiously and asked.