Phoenix Among Men Chapter 137

“Oh, I know, I know, of course our manager stepped in and recovered it!”

Sun Xiaomeng suddenly reacted and said hurriedly!

This kind of good thing, of course, should be put on Cui Zhiyuan’s head, maybe this time, Cui Zhiyuan can be promoted to become the purchasing department manager!

“Manager Cui is really capable!” Xiao Sun smiled slightly, “I’m not going to talk to you guys anymore, I’m going to go and reconcile the accounts with Manager Cui!”

Xiao Sun walked into Cui Zhiyuan’s office, while all the people in the sales department exploded!

“Holy sh*t, who is this so awesome that all the accounts are coming up?”

“That’s awesome, you know a lot of the accounts, they’re a few years old and particularly hard to get!”

“Could it be that Chen Ping? Look at his confident look today, as if he knows that the money owed will be demanded back!”

“Come on, how can he get all these accounts back? Haven’t you heard that it’s always the companies that pay them back on their own initiative, what does he have to do with it?”

“Speaking of which, this Chen Ping is really f*cking lucky, it looks like he won’t be fired today!”

People from the sales department gathered around and discussed!

“Brother Chen Ping, great, we won’t be fired.”

Wang Han Han asked excitedly to Chen Ping.

“Didn’t I tell you a long time ago that there was no need to rush!” Chen Ping smiled faintly!

“How did you know that the outstanding money would come back today?” Wang Han Han asked as she looked at Chen Ping strangely.

“Confidential!” Chen Ping smiled and did not tell Wang Han Han!

There were some things he didn’t want Wang Han Han to know yet, but sooner or later he would follow Wang Han Han and confess!

Just as the people in the sales department were talking, Cui Zhiyuan followed finance Xiaosun out, and when they saw Cui Zhiyuan coming out, everyone stopped talking!

Cui Zhiyuan gave Chen Ping a cold look and then left!

At that moment, in the general manager’s office, Xing Jun was sitting behind his desk with a gloomy face!

Xing Jun still had a band-aid on his neck, which had been cut last night, and five faint handprints could still be faintly seen on his face!

Knock knock knock ……

There was a knock on the door, and Xing Jun said coldly, “Come in!”

“Mr. Xing, you’re looking for me ……”

As soon as he entered, Cui Zhiyuan asked respectfully.

Only as soon as the words left his mouth, Cui Zhiyuan froze, because he could see that Xing Jun’s face actually had a few faint red marks, which were obviously from a slap!

Seeing Cui Zhiyuan staring at himself like this, Xing Jun frowned slightly, “Is it pretty?”

When Cui Zhiyuan heard this, his body trembled with fear and he hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to make a sound!

“The accounts of the sales department, did you give them to that Chen Ping to ask for?”

Xing Jun asked.

Cui Zhiyuan didn’t know what Xing Jun meant and could only nod: “Yes, I just wanted to let him hit the wall and kill his spirits, but I didn’t want this kid to be so lucky, those companies that owed money to the accounts have actually paid them back today ……”

Xing Jun coldly smiled, he knew why these arrears were suddenly paid back, it must have been Su Yuqi’s help behind the scenes, otherwise Chen Ping alone, give him the sky, he couldn’t have done it!

But inside the company, Xing Jun was the only one who knew about Chen Ping’s relationship with Su Yuqi!

“In the future, follow the contract of Tianmei Rihua, all let Chen Ping to negotiate ……”

Xing Jun looked at some partner information in his hand and said to Cui Zhiyuan!

“Tianmei?” Cui Zhiyuan was stunned, “Mr. Xing, Tianmei is a big customer, and the Xiao family has been eyeing this customer, let Chen Ping negotiate, will this make Tianmei resentful and think that we are not sincere?”

Cui Zhiyuan didn’t understand why Xing Jun gave such an important client to Chen Ping, knowing that the commission they got from sales for signing a contract with such a client was sky high!

“What? You’re questioning my decision?” Xing Jun’s eyes glared slightly!