Phoenix Among Men Chapter 146

Wang Yutian also glared at Chen Ping and said, “You didn’t even look at this gold watch and said it was fake, it’s obvious that you’re jealous, is it because you can’t mentally bear seeing your girlfriend’s previous boyfriend is better than you?”

“I’m just telling the truth!”

Chen Ping smiled lightly.

“Bah!” Wang Yutian pooh-poohed, “You’re just jealous, if you have the guts, show me the evidence!”

“Chen Ping, you and I have only just met today, what do you mean by targeting me at every turn?” Seeing that so many people were speaking for her and believed in her, Leng Bing suddenly said coldly, “If you don’t give me an explanation on this matter, I will let you go out horizontally, do you believe me?”

“Good!” Chen Ping sneered, “Whether it’s a fake watch or not, you know best in your heart, now since you’re looking for humiliation yourself, don’t blame me!”

Chen Ping said, standing up, “You give me the watch, I’ll prove it to you!”

“How are you going to prove it?” Leng Bing’s hand shrank and did not give Chen Ping the watch, but asked warily, “This watch of mine is hundreds of thousands of dollars, can you afford to pay for it if you break it?”

Leng Bing was not going to give the watch to Chen Ping, after all, Leng Bing himself knew that the watch was a fake, he was just creating an identity of a rich man!

“It’s very simple, just drop it on the ground and the real one will be immediately distinguished from the fake one!” Chen Ping said indifferently.

As soon as the gold watch was dropped, it would be immediately obvious whether it was real or not, the movement of a gold watch was all made of gold, and it was impossible for this fake one to give you even an exact imitation of the movement!

“You want to drop my watch!” When Leng Bing heard this, he said sheepishly, “Chen Ping, this watch is hundreds of thousands of dollars, can you afford to pay for it if you drop it for me?”

Leng Bing would not let Chen Ping drop it, the watch was a fake, once he dropped it, he would be exposed.

“Yes, can you afford to pay for it?”

“A watch that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and you dare to drop it on the ground, what kind of identification is that?”

“If you don’t have that kind of skill, don’t brag, you think you really know how to identify the real thing!”

The crowd pointed accusing fingers and sneered at Chen Ping.

Chen Ping smiled faintly and said, “There are ways to identify without falling, you have to know that gold is different from other metals, just weigh this watch and then compare it with the official website!”

The fake watch is made in real, there is no way to fake this weight, after all, the weight of gold is not the same as other metal materials.

This is a good idea, and you don’t have to damage the watch!

“You say weigh it and weigh it?” There was a flash of panic in Leng Bing’s eyes, he wasn’t going to weigh it, after all, he knew that there was no way to fake the weight!

“Chen Ping, you are jealous of Bing, saying that his watch is fake, if it is not fake, what will you do? You can’t just say it out of your mouth and Brother Bing has to listen to your arrangements!”

Zhang Miao asked as she turned to Chen Ping.

“If the watch is real, I’ll pay for this meal myself!” Chen Ping said with full confidence!

This watch was fake, Chen Ping had complete confidence!

Once the crowd heard this, they looked at Leng Bing: “Brother Bing, you let him claim it, since he dares to say so, let him die and we can have a meal for nothing!”

Leng Bing was a bit flustered at this point, and cold sweat began to form on his forehead!

He couldn’t have imagined that this guy Chen Ping was holding on to his watch for dear life!

“This watch needs a precise weighing instrument, but we don’t have one now, how can we weigh it? Can’t we just weigh it with our hands?”

Leng Bing questioned.

“Well, since you are right, there is no weighing instrument now, but do you dare to give me a glance of the watch, I just need to look at it?”

Chen Ping laughed!

“What do you want? Drop it for me?” Leng Bing asked warily.

“No, I will never damage it, and if it is damaged a little, I will pay you back at the real price, regardless of whether your watch is real or not!”

Chen Ping shook his head, he didn’t need to drop Leng Bing’s watch, he was just teasing Leng Bing when he said he would know if it was real or not once he dropped it!