Phoenix Among Men Chapter 147

“Just show it to you!” Leng Bing knew that if he didn’t show it to Chen Ping, he was afraid that Chen Ping wouldn’t be willing to give up, so he took the watch off and handed it to Chen Ping, and then said, “So many people are watching, if you drop it for me, then pay me the original price!”

Leng Bing believed that if Chen Ping didn’t drop it and weigh it, he wouldn’t be able to tell the authenticity of the gold watch, after all, it was a high imitation, and to be able to tell the authenticity with a single glance, unless one was a master watch connoisseur, he didn’t believe that Chen Ping could tell it with a single glance!

Chen Ping took Leng Bing’s gold watch and after playing with it in his hand for a while, he handed it back to Leng Bing!

“Is this it?” Leng Bing took his watch and looked at Chen Ping with a puzzled expression, “You just look at it and know if it’s real or fake?”

“Yes, I just need to take a look at it!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

“Humph, pretending to be a god ……,” Leng Bing snorted coldly and put the watch back on!

Just as the crowd was waiting for Chen Ping to produce the evidence, Zhang Miao suddenly exclaimed.

“Brother Bing, you …… you quickly look at your watch ……”

Leng Bing was stunned and hurriedly looked at his watch, and his entire body was frozen.

Many students were all full of doubt and looked towards Leng Bing’s gold watch, and when they took a look, they all froze as well!

They saw that the gold watch on Leng Bing’s hand had long since lost its golden lustre and had turned into a red copper colour, and it was obvious that the colour had fallen off!

The gold watch was definitely a fake, how could real gold lose its colour?

The crowd all looked at Leng Bing with odd eyes and the atmosphere was very awkward!

“This watch is too badly imitated, it’s dropped my handful of gold dust!”

Chen Ping picked up a wet towel and wiped it on, the corners of his mouth lifting slightly.

Leng Bing’s face was gloomy and uncertain, not to mention how ugly it was!

And at the side, Zhang Miao was also looking at Leng Bing in shock, not knowing what to say!

Leng Bing, who was originally towering over the others with an air of arrogance, felt his face burning hot at this moment, and his eyes didn’t dare to look at the people around him.

“Brother Bing, you wouldn’t have been cheated by a friend, would you, how come you bought you a fake watch back from Switzerland?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask.

This, of sorts, reminded Leng Bing.

Leng Bing was instantly delighted, and immediately raised his head and said, “It must be that guy who cheated me, shake spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, but actually bought me a fake watch, I will definitely not spare him when I catch him!”

With that, Leng Bing slammed the gold watch in his hand onto the ground, smashing it to pieces!

However, some people looked at Leng Bing, but there was no more trust in their eyes that they just had, it was obviously this Leng Bing who was pretending with the fake watch.

“These crooks are too hateful, it’s just a 300,000 dollar watch, Bing would definitely not fake it, you know Bing is driving a million dollar car, would he still need to buy a fake watch to pretend to be a p*ssy?”

Zhang Miao was standing on Leng Bing’s side at this time, defending him!

Leng Bing also took the opportunity to put the keys to his Mercedes on the table to show his status!

“Who knows if the car is a rental or not?” Chen Ping said with a sneer at this time.

In fact, many people were thinking the same thing, after all, Leng Bing’s gold watch was fake, so it was possible that this Mercedes Benz was also a rental, after all, it wouldn’t cost much if you rented it for a day!

“You fart, how can it be a rental, I’ve seen Bing drive this car for a long time, it’s not like he just drove it today!”

Zhang Miao scolded at Chen Ping!

“If it’s a rental, why don’t you just bring your license and find out?” Chen Ping said!

As long as he brought the license, he would know at a glance if it was Leng Bing’s name on it.

Zhang Miao looked at Leng Bing, as if he wanted Leng Bing to bring the license so that Chen Ping would shut up!

Leng Bing hurriedly said, “I have to go to the car to get it, it’s too much trouble, don’t you just want to see if I really have the strength, I’ll re-order a watch online now, I’m really not used to wearing it without one!”