Phoenix Among Men Chapter 148

With that, Leng Bing ordered a watch of over 200,000 dollars directly online in front of the crowd.

And the payment was successful, just waiting for delivery!

This time, the envious eyes of the crowd returned once again, all believing that Leng Bing was really powerful, and that the fake watch must have been cheated.

Leng Bing also let out a long breath, his status as a tycoon had finally been preserved.

Chen Ping looked at Leng Bing that way and smiled lightly!

Ordering things online, it was possible to return them, and after tonight, Leng Bing could totally return them without losing a single penny.

But Chen Ping didn’t point it out, he still wanted to follow this Leng Bing properly and have fun!

The matter of the gold watch was just a minor incident, and did not affect Leng Bing’s status in the eyes of the crowd.

Leng Bing looked at Chen Ping with a provocative look in his eyes!

He knew that this fellow Chen Ping was trying to make a fool of himself, but now not only did he not make a fool of himself, but the crowd’s attitude towards him was getting more and more respectful!

“You just said that you are not bad at drinking Maotai wine, what kind of wine do you want to drink? This Regal Hotel has all kinds of wine, but it depends on whether you can afford it.”

Leng Bing had almost been set up by Chen Ping, and now he wanted to return the favour.

“How about a brandy?” Chen Ping looked at Leng Bing with a sneer and a provocative look in his eyes, “Do you dare to drink it? I’m afraid that if you buy all the money for the table, you won’t have any money to pay for it later ……”

Leng Bing was slightly stunned, he did not expect Chen Ping to choose such an expensive wine, knowing that a bottle of brandy, the cheapest would start at 200,000.

Everyone else was also looking at Chen Ping in surprise, with incredulous expressions on their faces!

“Brother Chen Ping …………” Wang Han Han gently pulled at the corner of Chen Ping’s coat!

She had been in a bar and knew the price of brandy, this bottle would be hundreds of thousands of dollars, even if they only took a share of the money, that was still quite a lot!

Seeing that expression on Wang Han Han’s face, Leng Bing burst out laughing, he knew that Chen Ping was just pretending, deliberately saying such an expensive wine so as to scare him off!

“Brandy is good, I’ve had it a few times, if you want to drink it, then we’ll have a few bottles ……”

Leng Bing gave the choice to Chen Ping, he wanted to see if Chen Ping dared to say that he wanted to drink it!

At this moment everyone looked at Chen Ping with a sneer in their eyes, they thought that Chen Ping must not dare to ask for it, this time Chen Ping was thus lifting a stone to smash his own feet!

“Good!” Chen Ping nodded, “Waiter, five bottles of brandy ……”

Chen Ping didn’t give Leng Bing another chance to refuse and shouted directly at the waiter!

Seeing that Chen Ping had actually asked for five bottles of brandy in one breath, everyone was shocked!

That Leng Bing was also startled and instinctively wanted to stop it, but quickly reacted that he thought Chen Ping must still be irritating him, even if he asked for five bottles of brandy, if he didn’t open it, it wouldn’t cost him any money!

Thinking of this, Leng Bing finally let out a sigh of relief, secretly glad that he had almost fallen for Chen Ping’s trick.

“Five bottles are too little, let’s have ten bottles …………”

Leng Bing looked at Chen Ping playfully, since Chen Ping would play like this, so would he!

You don’t have to open them in the end anyway, just return them when the time comes!

“Holy sh*t, I’ve never had one before, Brother Bing even wants ten bottles, Brother Bing is awesome ……”

“Look, this is the real tycoon, that Chen Ping pretend what p*ssy, a reformed prisoner, wearing clothes not worth 200 yuan, and still say they drink brandy, I poo ……”

“When the pretender meets the real tycoon, it may be this scene today, wait and see how this Chen Ping ends up!”

The crowd all looked at Chen Ping playfully, they want to see how Chen Ping ended up!

And at this time Wang Han Han was scared silly, ten bottles of brandy, that is two million, even if she and Chen Ping each count a share, that is nearly two hundred thousand dollars of spending, a meal into two hundred thousand, if this let parents know, will certainly kill them!