Phoenix Among Men Chapter 153

No matter what Chen Ping’s status is, if he can get the Regal Hotel to waive the bill, then he must be of a high status. If he wants to leave, it seems he can only beg Chen Ping!

Seeing this, the crowd also gathered around Chen Ping.

“Just put in a good word for us, we’re all Han Han’s cla*smates anyway!”

“It was our fault just now, we were cheated by Leng Bing and that b*tch Zhang Miao!”

“Leng Bing is a hypocrite with a good appearance, it seems that he must be true about cheating Han Han’s money, no wonder Han Han broke up with him!”

“Chen Ping, please, please help us ……”

The crowd begged Chen Ping!

Chen Ping got up and looked around at the crowd before the corners of his mouth lifted, “Are you guys also worthy of being Han Han’s cla*smates? It is so unfortunate that Han Han can have cla*smates like you, I am able to let you go with a word, but I won’t go so far as to say that such a fate is your retribution ……”

Chen Ping’s words made all of the people’s faces burn with shame, each one of them all ashamed!

“Take them all down ……”

The receptionist saw this and said directly to the security guards!

“Ah …… no, I don’t want to go ……”

“Help, help ……”

“Oooooooo …………”

As soon as they saw that they were going to be taken away, some people soon got up crying like ghosts, each one scared to death, and some even P*ssed themselves in fear!

“Don’t move me, I …… I am very familiar with your boss’s daughter, if you dare to touch me, I will absolutely make you fired ……”

Leng Bing hastily yelled out loud!

Once hearing Leng Bing’s words, the security guards all stopped and the receptionist was at a loss for words!

Leng Bing saw that these people were bluffed by themselves, suddenly a sigh of relief, followed by the toe said: “your Miss Su Yuqi, we are particularly familiar with, originally today’s dinner, I do not want to find her for this small matter, but if you dare to touch me, I can make you all go away with a phone call, now you obediently let me go, I will pretend that nothing has happened! ”

This time, the receptionist looked at Chen Ping, because they all knew Chen Ping’s relationship with Su Yuqi, but now this Leng Bing said that she was familiar with Su Yuqi too, whether it was true or not, they didn’t know!

Chen Ping also frowned slightly and was about to ask Leng Bing about it when a voice suddenly came out, “Do you know Miss Su?”

Immediately afterwards, a girl slowly walked in through the doorway, and when Chen Ping looked, he found that it was none other than Su Yuqi herself!

Leng Bing looked at Su Yuqi who walked in and nodded, “Not bad, and I know your Miss Su very well, we often eat together!”

When Leng Bing finished speaking, Su Yuqi giggled, and Chen Ping couldn’t help but laugh out loud too!

It turned out that this guy Leng Bing was talking nonsense, just now Chen Ping almost believed it!

The other hotel staff also laughed, Su Yuqi was right in front of them, this Leng Bing didn’t even know her, and he still dared to say that he was familiar with Miss Su!

“Fool, do you know who is standing in front of you?” Chen Ping asked as he looked at Leng Bing with a mocking expression.

As soon as Chen Ping asked this, Leng Bing’s heart thumped, feeling a little bad, and sure enough Chen Ping then continued, “The one in front of you is Miss Su’s family, do you see if you know her?”

The surrounding staff all couldn’t stop laughing, while Leng Bing was so embarra*sed that he wanted to find a crack in the ground!

“It’s so late, what are you still doing here at the hotel?”

Chen Ping ignored the embarra*sed Leng Bing and asked Su Yuqi instead.

“What do you think you’re doing? I heard you came to the hotel and came to see you, you have a beautiful woman with you now, you don’t know how good your little life is!”

Su Yuqi glared at Chen Ping, her tone was tinged with a touch of jealousy!