Phoenix Among Men Chapter 154

When the crowd saw Su Yuqi and Chen Ping like that, they were all dumbfounded, especially that Leng Bing, he looked at Chen Ping incredulously, at this moment, he finally understood why this hotel would give Chen Ping a free bill!

Chen Ping smiled lightly, “Are you jealous?”

“Don’t make a fool of yourself, the hell are you jealous!” Su Yuqi gave a blank look before continuing, “My dad is always talking about you, he wants to ask you to come over for a meal!”

“I’m rather busy these days, let’s do it in a couple of days ……”

Chen Ping actually shrugged it off!

All the boys in the room were looking at Chen Ping with envy and jealousy at this time, Miss Su asked to go to her house for dinner and Chen Ping actually refused?

If this were a date with one of them, even if they were asked to go over on their backs, they would not hesitate!

This kind of opportunity, and Chen Ping actually refused!

“Hmph, what’s there to be busy about? The big deal is that you’ll be asked to be the chairman of the company tomorrow, so you won’t be so busy!”

Su Yuqi was a little upset when she saw that Chen Ping had actually rejected her!

“Don’t, I don’t have time to manage the company for you ……” Chen Ping waved his hand repeatedly!

As soon as the crowd heard Chen Ping’s words, they were all dealt another heavy blow!

Especially Leng Bing and those who just ate together, at first they all despised Chen Ping, now it seems that in front of Chen Ping, they are just like clowns!

“You have to go tomorrow, my dad said it seems like ancient dragged him to ask you out, looking for you might be something ……”

Su Yuqi said in an unquestionable tone.

Once Chen Ping heard that it was Gu Wentian looking for him, possibly because of the spirit pen, he nodded and said, “Alright then, I’ll go over at noon tomorrow ……”

“That’s more like it ……” Su Yuqi smiled faintly before looking towards those in Leng Bing!

Seeing Su Yuqi looking here, all of them lowered their heads, in front of Su Yuqi, they people are like ants!

“Lock them all up, none of them are allowed to leave until enough money is gathered ……”

Soon, those people from Leng Bing were all driven to the back by the security guards and locked up!

Now there are already many people began to regret, if at the beginning did not sarcastic Wang Han Han, now maybe not this kind of end, after all, they follow Wang Han Han is also no injustice, but also because of Leng Bing and Zhang Miao!

If it wasn’t for these two people, they wouldn’t have offended Wang Han Han and Chen Ping, and thinking about this, they couldn’t control their emotions anymore and beat up Leng Bing and Zhang Miao!

On the other side of Chen Ping, Su Yuqi originally wanted to send Chen Ping home, but Chen Ping did not agree, Su Yuqi that luxury car to their neighborhood is too solid, watching Chen Ping drive away in his own Chang’an car, Su Yuqi helplessly sighed.

Back home, Chen Ping called Wang Han Han to report peace, while Wang Han Han stayed at Wu Yi Fan’s house, she was afraid that Wu Yi Fan would have something to think about, so she stayed with her and comforted her!

As he watched his parents fall asleep, Chen Ping sat cross-legged in his room and began to activate his Heart Condensation Technique to absorb the spiritual energy around him!

As the Heart Condensation Technique ran rapidly, the surrounding spiritual energy began to come towards Chen Ping’s room, but unfortunately, the spiritual energy here was too little, there was no way to follow Pan Long Bay, after cultivating all night, Chen Ping’s strength did not increase much, only the spiritual energy in his dantian could feel a bit fuller!

“It seems that I still have to go to Pan Long Bay to cultivate, with the spiritual energy here, I won’t be able to break through in a monkey’s time ……”

Chen Ping felt the results of his night’s work and felt that it wouldn’t do to continue cultivating like this!