Phoenix Among Men Chapter 155

The sales department of the Heart & Rain Daily Chemical Company!

Cui Zhiyuan was gathering the sales department together for a morning meeting, but at that moment Chen Ping hadn’t arrived yet!

“What’s up with Chen Ping? Why hasn’t he arrived yet?”

Cui Zhiyuan asked after sweeping a glance.

This question was directed at Wang Han Han, after all, only Wang Han Han knew why Chen Ping hadn’t arrived!

But at this moment, Wang Han Han was also anxious and didn’t understand why Chen Ping hadn’t arrived, she was worrying if something had happened to Chen Ping last night and didn’t follow her because she was afraid she would worry!

“Brother Chen Ping should be here soon ……”

Wang Han Han said as she took out her phone ready to call Chen Ping and ask!

“Write it down, Chen Ping is late for work, a fine of five hundred, just a few days after coming to the company, surprisingly, he would be late!”

Cui Zhiyuan said with an icy face.

Now that he had caught Chen Ping in the act, of course Cui Zhiyuan wouldn’t let it go!

“Manager Cui, could it be that Chen Ping bragged yesterday that he could take down the contract of Tianmei Rihua and was too scared to come today?”

Wang Lanlan sneered, then said loudly!

“It’s possible!” Cui Zhiyuan nodded his head!

The crowd was also mocking Chen Ping for a while, thinking that the reason Chen Ping hadn’t arrived today was that he was too scared to come because he had talked big yesterday!

After all, the contract of Tianmei is not that easy to sign, not to mention Chen Ping is a small salesman, even if Cui Zhiyuan accompanied Sun Xiaomeng to the company for many times, the contract still hasn’t been taken down yet!

“Impossible, brother Chen Ping will definitely come ……”

Wang Han Han retorted loudly, she believed that Chen Ping would definitely come and would never be scared back because of the matter of Tian Mei Rihua!

“What time is it now, I think he’s just too scared to come ……”

Wang Lanlan smiled coldly!

“This Chen Ping, his eyes are higher than his head, and he has no other skills except bragging ……”

Sun Xiaomeng also spoke up, having long hated Chen Ping to death in her heart!

Wang Han Han’s face was full of anxiety as she dialed Chen Ping’s phone number!

But just as the phone was connected, a ringing sound could be heard, and Chen Ping had already walked into the office!

Last night, Chen Ping had been so involved in his training that he had woken up too late in the morning!

“Brother Chen Ping, you’re finally here, I thought you were up to something!”

Seeing that Chen Ping had arrived, Wang Han Han hurriedly greeted him!

“What can I do? I just played too late last night and didn’t get up ……”

Chen Ping smiled faintly and said!

“Chen Ping, you are at work now, you have to have a sense of time, now you are already ten minutes late, according to the company rules, the fine is five hundred yuan ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said loudly to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping has only been working for a few days, I’m afraid his salary hasn’t earned five hundred, this fine of five hundred for being late once is indeed quite a lot!

“Manager Cui, isn’t a fine of five hundred for one lateness a bit too much, besides, it’s Chen Ping’s first time to be late, he should be given a chance!”

Wang Han Han begged Chen Ping for mercy!

“Rules are rules, there are no favors to be shown ……” Cui Zhiyuan smiled coldly!

“Just punish it, it doesn’t matter ……” Chen Ping didn’t care!

Seeing that Chen Ping didn’t care at all, this made Cui Zhiyuan very angry in his heart, so he said to Chen Ping: “Chen Ping, do you still remember what you said yesterday? If you can’t bring the contract of Tianmei Rihua today, get out of here yourself!”

“No problem!” Chen Ping finished his sentence and directly sat down at his workstation, not paying any more attention to Cui Zhiyuan!

Looking at this attitude of Chen Ping, Cui Zhiyuan almost didn’t die of anger, but once he thought that Chen Ping would be leaving soon, Cui Zhiyuan’s mood calmed down a lot!

“Brother Chen Ping, yesterday Wu Yi Fan told me that we have a cla*smate who works at Tianmei and seems to be an office director now, I’ll go look for him, maybe the chances are a bit better ……”

Wang Hanhan followed Chen Ping and said!