Phoenix Among Men Chapter 156

“You don’t have to care, I can handle this matter myself ……”

Chen Ping didn’t want Wang Han Han to run around for this matter, he had already explained it to Lin Tian Hu, and I guess by now Lin Tian Hu had already arranged it!

The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of money from the company.

Wang Han Han did not say anything, but silently picked up her mobile phone and secretly called her cla*smate!

In a short while, Wang Han Han left with her bag on her back, she didn’t call Chen Ping, she wanted to get her connections sorted out first, and then let Chen Ping come forward, it would be easier!

She took a taxi and arrived at the downstairs of the Tianmei Company, a ten-storey office building towering over the bustling streets of Hongcheng, which is considered the leading company in the daily chemical industry.

When Wang Han Han reached the entrance, she was stopped by a security guard: “What are you doing?”

“Brother security guard, I’m here to see Director Li Jian Li!”

Wang Han Han said politely after the security guard!

“Our company has rules, you need to have someone come out to pick you up before you can go in ……”

The security guard said as he blocked Wang Han Han!

When Wang Han Han saw this, she could only take out her mobile phone and call her cla*smate Li Jian!

Not long after, a young man in a suit, with hair covered in hairspray and wearing gla*ses came out.

“Jian Li …………”

Wang Han Han waved his hand towards Jian Li!

Li Jian walked quickly towards Wang Han Han, and the guard, after seeing Li Jian, immediately shouted with a respectful face, “Director Li ……”

“This is my cla*smate, you keep an eye on her from now on, she is coming to our company, no stopping ……”

Li Jian reprimanded the security guard!

Li Jian posed with official authority, that look like several levels of high officials!

“Yes, yes, yes ……” The security guard nodded his head repeatedly!

“Han Han, come in with me ……” Li Jian led Wang Han Han into the company!

“Bah, what the hell …… “Looking at Li Jian’s back, the security guard spat fiercely!

“Li Jian, you’re doing well now ……”

Wang Han Han said with great emotion.

“So-so ……” Li Jian smiled faintly!

When he entered the office, Jian Li poured Wang Han Han a cup of coffee!

Wang Han Han surveyed the luxuriously decorated office, with a bit of envy in her eyes, the same cla*smates, others are now mixed to the position of director, while she herself has just found a job!

“Did no one inform you of the cla*smates’ gathering last night?”

Wang Han Han took the coffee and asked Li Jian!

After all, they were all cla*smates and still in the same city, so they shouldn’t have failed to notify Li Jian of yesterday’s cla*smates’ gathering, not to mention that Li Jian was doing quite well now!

“I was informed, I didn’t go, I have a lot of things to do, how can I have so much free time, I heard that Leng Bing also went?”

Li Jian had a bit of disdain in his eyes, he could see that he despised these so-called cla*smates, so he didn’t go to the cla*s reunion either!

Hearing Li Jian mention Leng Bing, Wang Han Han’s face instantly flashed with embarra*sment!

When she was at school, Li Jian had pursued her, but at that time, Leng Bing was very famous at school and Wang Han Han was attracted to her, so she didn’t say yes to Li Jian’s pursuit!

From that time on, Li Jian regarded Leng Bing as his enemy, and was so angry that after graduating with honors, he came to work for Tianmei, and in just a few years of fighting, he sat in the position of office director!

“Leng Bing went too, he is now Zhang Miao’s boyfriend ……”

Wang Han Han explained!

The reason why Wang Han Han followed Li Jian’s explanation was that he hoped that Li Jian would not be bothered about what happened in school before, after all, Wang Han Han was now begging him ……

“You broke up?” Jian Li asked indifferently.