Phoenix Among Men Chapter 158

Li Jian had just walked out of the office when he came across a man and a woman walking towards him, the man’s arm was still bandaged!

These two people were none other than Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan, they were also here to talk about cooperation!

The Xiao family had already talked about the Tianmei Company, basically it was called taking it down, and many of the middle level of Tianmei Company had eaten the benefits of the Xiao family!

When Li Jian saw Xiao Lei personally coming over, he immediately ran over with a flattering face, “Sir Xiao, I didn’t expect you to come personally!”

Actually, Xiao Lei, as the grandson of the Xiao family, certainly didn’t need to come in person, but he dragged his injuries to rush over so he could humiliate Chen Ping!

“Have the people from the Heart and Rain Company come yet?”

Xiao Lei asked as he turned to Li Jian.

“Yes, they’re here, they’re in my office!” Jian Li nodded his head!

“Coming?” Xiao Lei’s eyes flashed brilliantly, “Take me to see if a young man has come at once!”

“No, it’s a girl, our cla*smate, who came over to beg me for help ……”

Li Jian said with a puzzled face!

Once he heard it was a girl, Xiao Lei instantly froze and frowned slightly, “It shouldn’t be ah, then why didn’t Chen Ping come? Could it be that he’s afraid?”

“Could this guy Chen Ping know that he’s not capable of negotiating a partnership at all and didn’t dare to come at all for fear of losing face?”

Geng Shanshan was also a bit puzzled!

“No, unless this guy resigned and quit, otherwise that Xing Jun’s words he dare not disobey ……” Xiao Lei shook his head and said!

Li Jian listened to the two people talking, the whole person was confused, the Xiao family and the Su family have always been rivals, how come today suddenly Xiao Lei cared about the Su family!

“Mr. Xiao, that Xin Yu company did come with only one girl, a cla*smate of mine, I left her in the office ……”

Li Jian said once again with confirmation!

“Director Li, your old cla*smate came to plead for mercy, you won’t let it go, will you?”

Xiao Lei said as he looked at Jian Li!

“No, no, no, how is that possible, Tianmei is definitely going to follow the Xiao family’s cooperation, since I took the Xiao family’s money, I definitely have to work for the Xiao family!”

Li Jian said with a quick wave of his hand!

“That’s good, you’ll get less benefits in the future!” Xiao Lei nodded his head.

Although Xiao Lei was a bit disappointed that Chen Ping didn’t come this time, it was good to get the cooperation from Tian Mei!

But just when Xiao Lei was about to follow Geng Shanshan up to the general manager’s office on the roof to talk about the cooperation, Chen Ping’s figure suddenly appeared at the door!

But Chen Ping was stopped by the security guards and was not allowed to enter at all!

When Xiao Lei saw Chen Ping, his two eyes lit up and he walked over with a sneer on his face!

Geng Shanshan was also looking high and mighty, carrying Xiao Lei’s arm with disdain in her eyes!

“Aiya, isn’t this Chen Ping? I heard that he’s now a salesman, has he been dumped by Miss Su? Even the villa has moved out ……”

Xiao Lei said with a sneer on his face as he looked at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping looked at Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan, but felt a little surprised, although he knew the cooperation of Tianmei, the Xiao family has also been negotiating, but he did not expect it would be Xiao Lei over.

However, looking at Xiao Lei’s arm, which was still bandaged, and Geng Shanshan, who also came with him, Chen Ping immediately understood that this so-called negotiation of cooperation today was probably aimed at himself, and Xiao Lei should have known that he had come back long ago and had come over in advance to wait to humiliate himself!

The Su family and the Xiao family were originally rivals, and now Xiao Lei even knew about his coming over to talk about cooperation in advance, so someone within the company must have informed Xiao Lei in advance!

Soon, a person flashed in Chen Ping’s mind, and that was Xing Jun!

Thinking of this, the corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly: “What, is your arm better? Does it want me to loosen your bones afterwards?”

When Xiao Lei heard this, he was so frightened that his body couldn’t help but retreat backwards, but he knew Chen Ping’s strength!