Phoenix Among Men Chapter 159

“Chen Ping, now that you’re not covered by that b*tch Su Yuqi, you’re still a piece of sh*t, and you dare to talk after Brother Lei like this ……”

Geng Shanshan scolded at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s eyes faintly stared, a cold aura flashed in his eyes, “Has your mouth not been brushed, it stinks too much ……”

After saying that, Chen Ping actually took a healthy step forward and gave that Geng Shanshan a fierce slap!

No one had time to react, and half of Geng Shanshan’s face was already red and swollen!

Li Jian at the side was stunned when he saw that Chen Ping had dared to hit Geng Shanshan!

Who didn’t know that this Geng Shanshan was Xiao Lei’s girlfriend, Chen Ping, a guy who looked all ordinary, dared to make a move against the girlfriend of Grand Duke Xiao, he simply didn’t want to live!

“Kid, how dare you make a move in front of our company, it’s simply revolting!” Li Jian shouted angrily, “Security guards, arrest this brat for me ……”

Soon, two security guards were grabbing towards Chen Ping!

Jian Li didn’t notice that after Chen Ping had beaten Geng Shanshan, that Xiao Lei didn’t even dare to speak, he dared to let someone make a move on Chen Ping for a small company director!

Chen Ping made a sideways turn and easily dodged the two security guards before looking at that Li Jian and said, “I’m from the Heart and Rain Company who came over to talk about cooperation!”

“Hmph, our Tianmei company will not follow uncultured people to talk about cooperation, besides, we have already decided to follow the Xiao family to cooperate, you’d better get lost ……”

Li Jian snorted coldly!

Chen Ping frowned slightly, “You’re the general manager of this Tianmei company?”

“I’m not the manager, I’m the office director, but the matter of cooperation counts when I say so, you’d better get lost ……”

Li Jian said coldly!

“Chen Ping, isn’t your kid just a bit of kung fu? Do you really think that no one can cure you anymore? Now that there’s no Su Yuqi to control you, let’s see if I don’t find someone to get you killed ……”

Xiao Lei said with a murderous look in his eyes!

Chen Ping had surprisingly hit Geng Shanshan in public, this was equivalent to hitting his face, making him lose face!

“Don’t get him dead at once, torture him to death, preferably even with his blind old mother and father ……”

Geng Shanshan was slapped by Chen Ping, her heart had long been burning with anger, she gritted her teeth and looked at Chen Ping and said!

The moment Chen Ping heard Geng Shanshan actually say his parents, his face immediately became incomparably cold, the killing aura on his body instantly enveloped that Geng Shanshan!

Geng Shanshan instantly felt a chill all over her body, followed by a shiver, so she hurriedly took two steps backwards in fear and hid behind Xiao Lei!

Xiao Lei felt the murderous aura on Chen Ping’s body and was so scared that he didn’t dare to make a sound!

And that Li Jian roared, “Security guards, blast him out, blast him away ……”

Soon, five or six security guards gathered around!

“How dare you, a small office director, be the master of the company?”

Chen Ping finished and walked straight towards the company.

Seeing this, the hurried security guards all struck out together towards Chen Ping!

At the same time, in the office on the top floor of Tianmei Company, General Manager Gao Ren was crossing his steps back and forth as if he was an ant on a hot pot!

He was very nervous right now, after he had been informed by Lin Tianhu that Chen Ping was coming over to talk about cooperation, Gao Ren’s heart couldn’t be still!

Gao Ren had also attended Gu Mantian’s banquet, so he had seen with his own eyes how respectfully Lin Tianhu and Gu Mantian treated Chen Ping, especially when Chen Ping had settled Feng Sihai with a single kick, which had left a deep impression on Gao Ren.

He was afraid that he might offend Chen Ping with his poor hospitality, but this was a chance to make friends with him, so Gao Ren had to seize it!