Phoenix Among Men Chapter 16

Swish …………

In a flash, everyone present was frozen, knowing that in Hongcheng, no one had ever dared to disobey Master Tiger’s wishes, but today this ordinary looking Chen Ping did not give the slightest bit of face!

Lin Tianhu’s face turned cold and killing intent flashed in his eyes!

Xiao Lei on the side was about to die laughing as he kept shouting inwardly, “Get rid of him, get rid of him ……”

“Mr. Chen, you …… you quickly apologize to Master Tiger!”

Su Yuqi hurriedly pulled at Chen Ping’s sleeve, nervous cold sweat was pouring out!

“Kid, you dare to disobey Master Tiger, looking for death …………”

One of Lin Tianhu’s men beside him roared in anger and smashed his fist towards Chen Ping!

“Master Tiger, I apologize on Mr. Chen’s behalf!”

Su Wenzong saw that Lin Tianhu’s men had taken action, his whole body was in a hurry, but he didn’t dare to let his men take action, now even if he risked his life, just the dozens of security guards under his own men, how could they be a match for the hundreds of men Lin Tianhu had brought, the ending would be the same, only that they would bring their Su family along with them!

Lin Tianhu was silent, not paying any attention to Su Wenzong, nor did he speak out to stop his men!

Lin Tianhu’s men were taller than Chen Ping, and their muscles were taller than Chen Ping’s. With this punch, Chen Ping would be crippled, if not dead!

Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan were all laughing coldly at Chen Ping, watching his miserable state, and Fu Wei and Jiang Wenjing were all waiting to see Chen Ping’s joke, especially Fu Wei, who had just been slapped by Chen Ping and was still in great pain, he wanted to see Chen Ping being crippled.

But just as Lin Tianhu’s fist reached Chen Ping, Chen Ping reached out and grabbed the sandbag-sized fist of Lin Tianhu’s man, and no matter how hard Lin Tianhu’s man pushed, he found that he could not move a bit!

At this moment, everyone was stunned, even Lin Tianhu couldn’t help but look at Chen Ping twice!

But with this close look, Lin Tianhu’s scalp was about to explode!

He saw the bronze ring on Chen Ping’s hand, and the word “Order” on the ring!

The Heavenly Dragon Decree, this was the Heavenly Dragon Decree!

The one who wore the Heavenly Dragon Order was the Heavenly Dragon Hall Master!

Lin Tianhu was a little dumbfounded, and then roared, “Get back to me, who told you to do it!”

After a roar, he kicked his own men out!

“Mr. Chen, my men are ignorant, I’m sorry!”

Lin Tianhu hurriedly apologized after Chen Ping, he could never have imagined that the Lord of the Heavenly Dragon Hall was personally present in tiny Hongcheng, knowing that the Heavenly Dragon Hall was the most mysterious organization in the world, stamping his foot, the whole world would tremble three times.

Lin Tianhu’s Gathering Hall belongs to the Heavenly Dragon Hall, which has thirteen halls in the whole of Xia, and the Gathering Hall is only one of them, but when there is no summons from the Hall Master, these halls are operated individually and cannot reveal their identities!

Therefore, on this occasion, Lin Tianhu could only address Chen Ping as Mr. Chen!

Seeing Lin Tianhu’s sudden change in attitude towards Chen Ping, everyone was confused, not understanding what Lin Tianhu was singing!

Even Chen Ping himself was at a loss for words!

“No need for me to apologise?”

Chen Ping looked at Lin Tianhu and asked tentatively.

“I dare not, how dare I ask Mr. Chen to apologize, if Mr. Chen has any claims, just say it!”

Lin Tianhu was so frightened that he shook his head, beating him to death, he wouldn’t dare to ask the Heavenly Dragon Hall Master to apologise!

“As I said, if I come to the wedding, their wedding will not be held.”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

Lin Tianhu nodded before turning his head and loudly announcing, “Today’s wedding is cancelled, everyone get lost ……”

“Master Tiger ……”

Xiao Yan froze and looked at Lin Tianhu!

If this wedding was cancelled, then their Xiao family would become a laughing stock in the entire Hong City!