Phoenix Among Men Chapter 17

“Clear the field!”

Lin Tianhu didn’t pay any attention to Xiao Yan, and after a word about clearing the venue, hundreds of his men swarmed in!

The guests were so frightened that they all ran outside, and Fu Wei and Jiang Wenjing, who had wanted to see Chen Ping laugh, were also driven out!

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s face couldn’t be more unsightly, and Xiao Lei’s eyes were glaring, his face full of fierce hatred, he wanted to eat Chen Ping, today the Xiao family had lost so much face, how could he meet others in the future!

“Chen Ping, you toad, even if Shan Shan’s wedding doesn’t take place today, don’t even think about it like that, you’ll never find a daughter-in-law with this kind of virtue.”

Jia Mei was furious and shouted at Chen Ping!

Their family had managed to climb up the Xiao family tree, and the wedding that Chen Ping had stirred up had not been held, Jia Mei was furious.

“Chen Ping , do you think you can stop me from marrying Xiao Lei just like that? Don’t you dream, I don’t have anything to do with you at all anymore, don’t pester me.”

Geng Shanshan’s eyes glared at Chen Ping with nothing but hatred and not the slightest emotion in her eyes.

“I’m pestering you?” Chen Ping smiled coldly, “I seem to remember that it was you who insisted that I come to the wedding, and I said at the time that if I came to the wedding, then your wedding would not be held!”

“You …………”

Geng Shanshan gritted her teeth in anger and glared at Chen Ping!

“Shanshan, ignore him, this toad is just deliberately angry with you, deliberately talking to you, look at his licking dog look, and he is a reformed laborer, just wait for the bachelor!”

Jia Mei pulled Geng Shanshan, cursing Chen Ping with all the malice in the world!

“Mr. Chen, if you don’t mind, can I be your girlfriend?”

Just as Jia Mei was cursing Chen Ping, unable to find a girlfriend for the rest of his life and playing the bachelor, Su Yuqi stepped forward and asked Chen Ping in a very serious manner.

He didn’t expect Su Yuqi to say such a thing in public, knowing that she was the Miss Su family’s eldest daughter and the future helmsman of the Su family!

Geng Shanshan and Jia Mei heard Su Yuqi’s words, and their faces turned blue, this was obviously a slap in the face, especially Jia Mei, who had just said that Chen Ping was a toad and could not find a girlfriend for the rest of his life, and immediately a Miss Su confessed her love!

Geng Shanshan was even clenching her fist to death, her face burning hot!

Just now, he had said that he didn’t want Chen Ping to pester him, but in the blink of an eye, Chen Ping had been confessed to by Miss Su!

She was nothing compared to Miss Su!

“Miss Su, allow me to think about it for two days, I’m not ready yet!”

Chen Ping gave a grateful smile towards Su Yuqi!

He knew that the reason Su Yuqi said that was to help him out and to slap that Geng Shanshan mother and daughter in the face!

But for a girl to not even want her reputation in order to help herself, Chen Ping was very grateful!

“Mr. Chen, I will work hard and try to make you accept me!”

Su Yuqi smiled lightly.

Both Xiao’s family and Geng Shanshan’s family all left, and as they left, that Xiao Yan’s gaze could not wait to eat Chen Ping up, it looked like he would not give up in peace.

Su Wenzong and Su Yuqi were also invited out by Lin Tianhu’s people, and in the large wedding banquet hall, only Chen Ping and the people from the Gathering Hall were left at this moment!

“Do what you want, just come!”

Chen Ping knew that Lin Tianhu must have had something else in mind when he suddenly cleared everyone away for him!

But what Chen Ping didn’t expect was that as soon as he finished speaking, Lin Tianhu knelt down in front of him with a poof, followed by hundreds of people from the Gathering of Righteousness Hall!

This made Chen Ping look dumbfounded, wondering if Lin Tianhu had taken the wrong medicine.