Phoenix Among Men Chapter 162

“Hmph!” Gao Ren sneered, “Whatever, I have nothing to fear!”

Xiao Lei saw that the threat didn’t work, and for a while he was out of options!

“General Gao, General Gao ……” At this time, Li Jian, who was eavesdropping outside, panicked and hurriedly ran in, “Now that our company is in both production and sales chain, I feel that it is still the best option to follow the Xiao family and also to maximize the benefits ……”

Li Jian took the benefits of the Xiao family, this if the contract is not negotiated, he will have to spit out the money, maybe this Xiao Lei will even stir things up!

“Li Jian, since when did you start to take care of contract matters, don’t forget that you are just an office director, it’s not your turn to speak here ……”

Gao Ren yelled at Li Jian.

Li Jian was so frightened that he didn’t dare to make a sound and could only stand aside meekly!

“You so highly recommend working with the Xiao family, did you take money from the Xiao family?” Chen Ping asked at that Li Jian.

“You fart, don’t spout blood, who has taken money, I just see your character is not good, a person’s character, but can represent his company’s ……”

Li Jian cursed angrily at Chen Ping!

Gao Ren, who was on the side, froze for a moment, followed by cold sweat rising from his forehead!

He knew very well what kind of person Chen Ping was, but he didn’t expect this Li Jian to dare to scold Chen Ping?

He didn’t expect this Li Jian to swear at Chen Ping?

Gao Ren had always been afraid that he might have offended Chen Ping by not serving him properly, but now his own staff had dared to curse Chen Ping!

“I f*ck you, how do you follow Mr. Chen to speak? Kneel down for me ……”

Gao Ren kicked that Li Jian fiercely and shouted a loud rebuke!

Li Jian was confused and looked at Gao Ren in some disbelief, “Gao …… Gao, he’s just a salesman, what …… are you doing?”

“Pin your mother, I f*cking told you to kneel down, I told you to kneel down, can’t you hear me ……”

Gao Ren kicked that Li Jian again fiercely, the expletives in his mouth, his heart had long been scared!

This if Chen Ping is angry, whether it is Lin Tianhu, or Gu Wentian, even the Su family can easily bring down this company of his!

Li Jian was kicked so hard in the calf that he fell to his knees with a poof!

“Mr. Chen, it’s my lax discipline that offended you, I’ll fire him now, as for whether he took money or not, I’ll also investigate ……”

Gao Ren followed Chen Ping in a cold sweat and apologized!

“Gao Ren, have you taken the wrong medicine? This Chen Ping is just a reformed prisoner, how dare you stoop so low, thanks to you being a boss of such a big company, it’s a D*mn shame ……”

Xiao Lei saw Gao Ren’s respectful look towards Chen Ping, his heart burst with atmosphere, and then he said with contempt!

Gao Ren coldly glanced at that Xiao Lei, and did not explain, since this Xiao Lei still did not know Chen Ping’s strength, then continue to let him bounce around, but Gao Ren believed that the Xiao family would not be able to bounce around for a few days.

The Xiao family was very powerful, but if they really wanted to follow Lin Tianhu, Gu Wentian and the Su family together, they didn’t have that qualification yet!

“Mr. Gao, let’s sign the contract, I don’t want anyone to disturb ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently!

“Understood!” Gao Ren nodded and immediately said to Secretary Li, “Secretary Li, send the guests away, if anyone stays, call security immediately ……”

Secretary Li nodded and said to Xiao Lei, “Mr. Xiao, please send ……”

Xiao Lei looked at Gao Ren angrily, but at this time Xiao Lei also knew that staying on would only make himself more embarra*sed, so he pulled Geng Shanshan and walked out, but when he reached the door, he turned back and said, “Gao Ren, you wait for me, I’ll make you regret it again in a million ways …… ”

After Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan left, Gao Ren looked at Li Jian who was kneeling on the ground and said, “You too get out of here, I’ll settle the score with you afterwards!”