Phoenix Among Men Chapter 165

When Sun Xiaomeng heard this, she was so happy that she almost jumped up and said with an excited face, “Really? So it seems that this Chen Ping is not useless.”

“Humph, I think he’s just relying on the foundation we laid before!” Cui Zhiyuan snorted coldly, he did not think that the credit was Chen Ping’s.

“Right, if we hadn’t gone around long in advance, how could that Chen Ping have signed the contract so easily ……”

Sun Xiaomeng also nodded in a hurry!

“Well, I’ll go and give the contract to General Manager Xing, who will definitely reward me, and maybe transfer me directly to the purchasing department!”

Cui Zhiyuan finished his sentence and happily took the contract to the general manager’s office!

Because he was so happy, Cui Zhiyuan walked in without knocking!

At this moment, Xing Jun was on the phone, and when he saw that someone had suddenly barged in, he hung up the phone directly!

Seeing that it was Cui Zhiyuan, Xingjun’s face turned gloomy!

At that moment, Cui Zhiyuan also knew that he had gotten into trouble and was so scared that he trembled and picked up the contract and said, “Mr. Xing, we have signed the contract following Tianmei!”

After all, it was a big contract, so maybe Xing Jun wouldn’t be angry when he heard the news!

But Cui Zhiyuan thought wrong, as soon as Cui Zhiyuan’s words fell, Xing Jun instantly became furious: “Get out, get the hell out of here ……”

Immediately after, Xing Jun slammed the teacup towards Cui Zhiyuan fiercely!

With a crash …………

The cup shattered with a crash, scaring that Cui Zhiyuan into rushing out!

Xing Jun was now gritting his teeth and breathing heavily, obviously furious!

He already knew that Chen Ping had successfully signed the contract with Tianmei, and originally he had planned to let Chen Ping be humiliated, but he never thought that it would be Xiao Lei who was humiliated!

The phone call just now was from Xiao Lei, who directly scolded Xing Jun. Now Xing Jun didn’t want to stay in the Su family anymore, so he followed Xiao Lei’s connection, and now he was holding the handle of his betrayal of the Su family in Xiao Lei’s hands, so even if Xiao Lei scolded him, he could only hold his breath!

“Zhiyuan, what did Mr. Xing say? Did he say how much he could take as a percentage?”

Sun Xiaomeng saw that Cui Zhiyuan had returned and immediately asked happily.

“A mention my a*s, I don’t know what happened today, scolded me ……”

Cui Zhiyuan took the contract and went back to his office with an unhappy face ……

Sun Xiaomeng also hurriedly followed in and comforted Cui Zhiyuan!

After work at noon, Chen Ping packed up and prepared to go to Su’s house, after all, he promised Su Yuqi that he would follow Su Wenzong for a meal at noon today!

“Brother Chen Ping, we have signed such a big contract today, let’s celebrate together at noon, I know a western restaurant nearby that is particularly good!”

Wang Han Han found Chen Ping and said with a happy face!

Chen Ping was stunned and said with some embarra*sment, “I have something to do at noon, you can go and eat by yourself, we will celebrate in the evening ……”

Seeing this, Wang Han Han said with some loss, “Alright then ……”

The first thing you need to do is to look at Chen Ping’s back as he walks out of the company, Wang Han Han always feels like she is following Chen Ping with a barrier, she can’t see through Chen Ping, and she can’t walk into Chen Ping’s heart!

Chen Ping walked out of the company and wanted to drive his Changan, but he saw Su Yuqi sitting in the car not far away, honking the horn continuously!

When Chen Ping saw that Su Yuqi had actually come to pick him up, he had to put his car keys away and walk towards Su Yuqi!

“You’re so free to come and pick me up yourself?”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile after getting into the car!

“I’m not afraid that you’ll stand me up, the ancient ones are here now, how embarra*sing for me if you don’t go ……”

Su Yuqi said, a foot of throttle and rushed out!

But at this time, upstairs Wang Han Han is standing in the window, see Chen Ping got into a red luxury car, driving a woman, but because the distance is too far, Wang Han Han did not see the woman’s face clearly, at this moment Wang Han Han’s heart tightly clenched together!