Phoenix Among Men Chapter 164

When Chen Ping saw this, he seemed to understand what was going on, so he rushed out with one quick step and carried that Li Jian straight back!

Wang Hanhan was furious and grabbed Li Jian’s hair: “Li Jian, didn’t you say that you were in charge of the cooperation of Tianmei Company? How dare you try to blackmail me with the contract and sleep with me, you are not human ……”

Wang Han Han was really furious, desperately hit towards Li Jian, Li Jian didn’t even dare to dodge, he could only withstand Wang Han Han’s rainstorm-like slaps!

Chen Ping’s body is now emitting a murderous aura, this Li Jian actually used this to blackmail Wang Han Han, if he had not come to sign the contract, this Li Jian would not have gotten his way?

After a while, Wang Han Han got tired of fighting and looked at Chen Ping with tears in her eyes, “Brother Chen Ping, I …… didn’t want you to get fired, that’s why I agreed to this b*****d!”

“Han Han, I know, it’s okay!” Chen Ping gently patted Wang Han Han, and then looked at Li Jian with icy cold eyes.

Feeling the icy cold killing aura on Chen Ping’s body, Li Jian was so scared that his body trembled slightly: “I …… was wrong, I was just joking, we are old cla*smates, how could I do something like that!”

Li Jian desperately apologized, but at this point the apology was already useless!

“I don’t want to kill anyone today ……” Chen Ping finished, one hand grabbed Li Jian’s arm, a huge spiritual force emitted from Chen Ping’s body, directly shattering Li Jian’s whole arm!

“Ah …………”

Jian Li screamed out in pain!

At this moment, Li Jian’s arm was shattered except for the skin and flesh, and there was no possibility of it being reattached!

“Brother Chen Ping ……”

Wang Han Han saw this and hurriedly pulled Chen Ping away!

She was afraid that Chen Ping would really kill Li Jian for her sake, that would be against the law, she couldn’t let Chen Ping go to jail again!

Looking at the worried Wang Han Han, Chen Ping did not make a move, but looked at Gao Ren and said, “Mr. Gao, this is your man, you can handle it yourself ……”

Gao Ren was shaking with fear and nodded his head: “Don’t worry, I will definitely discipline him properly ……”

Chen Ping took Wang Han Han and left, knowing that Gao Ren would have a way to deal with that Li Jian!

When Chen Ping and Wang Han Han went back with the contract, the whole sales department was in a huge shock!

Everyone looked over the contract and confirmed that it was real!

Everyone looked at Chen Ping incredulously, they just couldn’t understand what Chen Ping had used to get the contract from Tianmei in such a short time!

Cui Zhiyuan was holding the contract, his hands were trembling slightly, because only he knew the weight of this contract, and as the manager of the sales department, this contract could bring him huge benefits as well!

Although he loathed Chen Ping and wanted to fire him, Chen Ping had brought back this contract, which had benefited him greatly!

Although his heart was happy, Cui Zhiyuan tried his best to conceal it and acted indifferent, “Chen Ping, the fact that you were able to sign the contract this time is also a credit to me and Sun Xiaomeng for running it numerous times before, you don’t need to be complacent, although you pa*sed this time and don’t need to be fired, it doesn’t mean that you will pa*s the next examination!”

Cui Zhiyuan finished, put the contract away and went straight to the general manager’s office, this was a big deal for the company!

“Zhiyuan, Zhiyuan ……” Sun Xiaomeng chased after Cui Zhiyuan immediately after he walked out of the sales department!

Seeing that it was Sun Xiaomeng, Cui Zhiyuan stopped himself!

“You tell me, this contract, how much money can you withdraw?” Although Sun Xiaomeng knew that she could get a lot of commission from this contract, she didn’t know the exact amount yet!

Cui Zhiyuan grinned: “Haven’t you always liked the houses in Pan Long Bay, tomorrow I’ll take you to see the houses, pick a house type you like, this contract will bring us a constant stream of wealth later, it’s no problem to buy a house by then!”