Phoenix Among Men Chapter 168

“Cui Zhiyuan, tell Chen Ping to come to my office ……”

Xing Jun picked up the internal phone and called Cui Zhiyuan!

Cui Zhiyuan, who was originally angry in his office, was astonished after receiving the call from Xing Jun!

“Zhiyuan, what is Mr. Xing looking for Chen Ping for?”

Sun Xiaomeng asked.

“How would I know!” Cui Zhiyuan frowned, he always felt something bad!

“It’s not possible that Mr. Xing is giving all the commission to that Chen Ping guy, right? I could already tell that Chen Ping was following Mr. Xing and had connections, otherwise how would such a good thing be given to Chen Ping!”

Sun Xiaomeng said with an angry, disgruntled look on her face!

“Alright, stop nagging, I’m getting annoyed right now!”

Cui Zhiyuan glared at Sun Xiaomeng, and then walked out of the office and came to Chen Ping’s work station and said, “Chen Ping, Mr. Xing asked you to go to his office, probably because of the contract, what you should say after you go, you should know yourself, if it wasn’t for Xiao Meng and I who had made all the connections before, could you have signed the contract so easily? ”

Chen Ping glanced at Cui Zhiyuan, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly and let out a cold laugh, and without saying anything, he simply got up and left!

Seeing Chen Ping’s appearance, Cui Zhiyuan was furious: “What the hell, if Xiao Meng hadn’t introduced you, would you be able to stay in this company? If you dare to go against me, I will make you regret it sooner or later ……”


Xing Jun’s office, when Chen Ping arrived, the secretary wanted to report it, but Chen Ping pushed the door directly and walked in, the secretary couldn’t even stop him!

“Mr. Xing, he …… he barged in hard!”

The secretary was so frightened that she hurriedly followed Xing Jun and explained!

Xing Jun looked at Chen Ping and waved his hand towards the secretary and said, “Go out, no one is allowed to come in without my word!”

Seeing this, the secretary nodded and went out, taking the door with him by the way!

“Take a seat ……”

Xing Jun pointed to the chair in front of him!

Chen Ping wasn’t polite and sat directly opposite Xing Jun!

The two people just looked at each other for a minute, no one spoke!

“What do you want to see me about, just say it quickly, I’m busy!”

Chen Ping saw that Xing Jun hadn’t said anything, so he spoke up!

“Chen Ping, I’ve investigated your background, you’re just an ordinary person, and you’ve also been in jail, how can you get Su Yuqi’s liking? How can you become the chairman of the company? On what basis?”

Xing Jun stared at Chen Ping with a deadly stare, he just couldn’t understand, he was a high achiever who studied abroad, why didn’t Su Yuqi like him but liked Chen Ping?

If Chen Ping was some kind of rich boy, or some kind of second generation official, Xing Jun could still feel better in his heart, but Chen Ping was just an ordinary person, and had even been in jail, even so, Su Yu Qi would rather like Chen Ping than herself, this made Xing Jun really can’t understand!

“No on what basis, how can there be so many reasons for liking someone? Yu Qi just likes me, what can you do?”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly, full of playfulness!

Chen Ping’s expression as well as his tone of voice instantly stimulated Xing Jun!

Xing Jun, who was trying to calm down, instantly exploded at this moment!

“Chen Ping, I want you to get out of Hongcheng immediately, leave Yu Qi, and don’t come back from now on, or else I will definitely make you regret it ……”

Xing Jun’s body was trembling slightly, his eyes were wide open, and he hissed at Chen Ping with all his might!

“Regret?” Chen Ping sneered, “I’ve never regretted anything, and you, like you, are not qualified to order me around, much less threaten me ……”

“You have to show you if I am qualified to order you around ……”

Xing Jun said, suddenly pulling out the pistol in the drawer and aiming it directly at Chen Ping!

This was the first time Xing Jun had ever pointed a gun at someone, and his hands were trembling terribly!