Phoenix Among Men Chapter 169

Seeing that Xing Jun actually took out a gun and pointed it at himself, the sneer on Chen Ping’s face became even more obvious!

Seeing that Chen Ping was not scared at all, Xing Jun shouted angrily, “I can really shoot, I just need to pull the trigger and you will be splattered with blood in no time ……”

“Then why don’t you shoot? I see your hand is shaking so much, you may not be able to hit it, right? I’ll come closer, so you can aim better ……”

Chen Ping actually moved his body towards Xing Jun, so that the gun in Xing Jun’s hand was closer to the nearest!

Seeing this reaction from Chen Ping, Xing Jun’s face turned red with anger: “Chen Ping, I really know how to shoot, get out of Hong Cheng right now and I can still spare your life, or I’ll kill you ……”

Xing Jun’s whole face was suffocating red, he had never killed anyone, moreover he had never used a gun to kill anyone, this gun was still a*sembled from spare parts he bought himself, he liked firearms when he was abroad, but after he returned to China, the firearms control was very strict, so Xing Jun secretly a*sembled one!

Although he liked to play with guns, he had never used a gun to shoot anyone, and he had never killed anyone, so now Xing Jun was trying his best to control himself, but his hands were still trembling badly!

Looking at Xing Jun’s appearance, Chen Ping’s face was filled with a cold smile: “Just like you, I’m afraid you don’t even dare to kill a chicken, right? How dare you kill someone?”

“Don’t you force me, I will really shoot …………”

Xing Jun was sweating profusely at the moment, although he had already made up his mind, but when it really came to this last moment, Xing Jun was still nervous!

“Now if you put the gun down, I might still be able to leave you alive, if you shoot, the one who dies will definitely be yours ……”

Chen Ping’s face went grim!

“What are you bragging about, I’ll shoot you now, then I’ll just leave the country, who can do anything to me ……”

Xing Jun didn’t believe what Chen Ping said, now that the gun was in his hand, then he had absolute initiative!

“If you don’t believe me, then shoot me, shoot me ……”

Chen Ping suddenly raised his voice, directly scaring that Xing Jun!

But because of this scare, the gun in Xing Jun’s hand also directly pulled the trigger!


After a gunshot, a spark appeared at the muzzle of the gun, and the bullet spun and flew out of the chamber!

This startled Xing Jun, he was not prepared for this, he had pulled the trigger as soon as he was nervous!

Chen Ping’s hand gripped in the void and the bullet was directly caught in his hand, at this moment Chen Ping’s hand was wrapped in spiritual power, the bullet could not hurt him at all!

Slowly opening his hand, the yellow-orange bullet was exposed!

Catching a bullet with his empty hand?

At this moment, Xing Jun was dumbfounded, and the pistol in his hand fell straight to the ground!

“As I said, if you shoot, it will definitely be you who dies ……”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, a terrifying killing aura emanated from his body!

The killing aura directly enveloped Xing Jun, feeling the killing aura on Chen Ping’s body, Xing Jun’s entire scalp tingled, as if he had fallen into an abyssal hell!

“No…… no…… this is impossible, impossible…… how could you possibly catch the bullet?”

Xing Jun’s face was filled with horror as he desperately shook his head, he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him was real, there was no way he could comprehend it, it was beyond his cognitive range!

Xing Jun was just an ordinary person, not even a martial artist, so he wouldn’t even know where the Martial Divine Power was.

“There is nothing impossible, if you don’t believe me, you can try it on a shot ……”

Chen Ping’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the cold aura in his eyes caused Xing Jun to fall straight off his chair and onto the floor!

Xing Jun didn’t dare to shoot, he didn’t even have the courage to pick up the gun!

Catching a bullet with his empty hand? Although Xing Jun couldn’t believe it, it was a fact right in front of his eyes and he couldn’t believe it!

At this moment, Xing Jun seemed to have figured out why Chen Ping, a seemingly ordinary guy who had been in jail, could be liked by Su Yuqi!