Phoenix Among Men Chapter 184

Chen Ping then pointed to the top of the mountain, “The set on the top of the mountain is my ……”

“The set on top of the mountain?”

Cui Zhiyuan was stunned and then burst out laughing, “Chen Ping, you’re f*cking kidding me, do you know how much a villa on the top of the mountain costs? Do you know how much a villa at the top of the hill costs? You can’t afford it even if you sell your family. You’re blowing it out of proportion, it’s unrealistic ……”

“Chen Ping, can you live a little more realistically? Today you broke into Pan Long Bay for the first time in your life, and I’m afraid it’s the last time you’ll ever enter this community. You still dare to say that the hilltop villa is yours, I don’t think you’ve even been to the top of the hill?”

Wang Lan Lan also laughed out loud!

Sun Xiaomeng gave Chen Ping a white glance, in her eyes, this Chen Ping was just a cadet who couldn’t get up, he was too rotten to be a wall!

“This gentleman, do you know the value of the Peak Villa? How dare you talk nonsense here?”

The sales lady laughed too!

“Who are you to say that I am talking out of my a*s?” Chen Ping asked coldly.

“I sold that villa, and the owner of the villa’s surname is Su, which doesn’t seem to be Chen, so how can you say it’s yours?”

The sales lady sneered at Chen Ping, seemingly waiting to see how Chen Ping would explain.

“That it was given to me by someone else is not okay?” Chen Ping laughed!

“Given to you?” The sales lady covered her mouth and laughed: “Yes, yes, you can say that the entire Pan Long Bay was given to you by someone else, it’s not a crime, except that if you barge into Pan Long Bay privately, according to the rules of our community, you have to be thrown out ……”

The sales lady had just finished her words when a guy wearing a security uniform and holding a baton, hanging around, walked over.

“Xiaolan, why are you free to come around inside the district today?”

Immediately after that security guard saw the sales lady, he said with a flattering smile!

“So it’s Captain Wang, there’s a guy barging into the neighborhood, just in time to drive him out ……”

After seeing the security guard, the sales lady immediately kept Chen Ping saying!

The security guard took a glance at Chen Ping, and then looked at the Longan car beside Chen Ping, which had long been crashed into a puddle, and immediately said with a face of anger: “D*mn, someone dares to break into the neighborhood I am responsible for, do you not want to live? I’m the head of security here, you don’t even ask around ……”

“Brother security guard, this Chen Ping just hit a luxury car at the entrance, people are about to beat him up, I guess he was afraid of being beaten up, he just drove in, if you catch him, it will be a great achievement ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said to that head of security!

“Yes, yes, yes, we all saw it just now, he hit a Maserati ……”

Wang Lanlan also nodded her head repeatedly!

Sun Xiaomeng didn’t say anything, but her face wasn’t too good either, she didn’t want to be bothered with Chen Ping anymore, this guy’s bragging character disgusted her!

“Good boy, you crashed a car and still dare to barge in, it’s your bad luck that you met me today.”

The security captain said, grabbing towards Chen Ping with one hand!

But just as he reached out, he was grabbed by Chen Ping’s wrist, and with a slight twist, he directly controlled that security captain, and the intense pain instantly made that security captain scream out.

“Kid, it hurts like hell, let go of me, do you know who I am? The property manager here is my brother-in-law, if you dare to touch me, I guarantee that you won’t be able to walk out of here.”

The security chief roared!

“You don’t even know anything about me, so you just take a direct shot at me, how do you serve as a security captain? I said that I am the owner of this place, is this how you serve the owners?”

Chen Ping questioned at the security chief.

“You …… let go, I’ll know if I ask ……”

The security captain saw that Chen Ping could do two tricks and that he was no match, so he could only let Chen Ping let go of himself first.

Seeing this, Chen Ping let go of that security captain, while that security captain rubbed his wrist and looked at Chen Ping twice with malicious eyes, before pulling out his intercom.