Phoenix Among Men Chapter 185

“All security guards come gather in Area A, someone broke into the neighborhood and made a move on me ……”

The security chief started calling people directly with the intercom.

He had just been a reprieve to get Chen Ping to let go of himself, as for the matter of whether or not Chen Ping was the owner, he wasn’t going to ask, he could see with his eyes that there was no way Chen Ping was the owner!

“Kid, my men will be here soon, you just wait to get beaten up ……”

The security chief looked at Chen Ping grimly and said.

At this moment, Manager Zhang, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly heard his brother-in-law’s shouting inside the intercom, and also said that someone had broken into the district and beaten him up.

He was not worried about his brother-in-law, but he was afraid that his brother-in-law, who had not had enough to eat and could not do anything, would cause trouble.

He just came for two days and didn’t want to do anything, dabbling in flowers everywhere, those little girls in the sales office, all mixed up.

When Manager Zhang ran to Area A with many security guards, he saw Chen Ping’s car parked there from afar, and Chen Ping was standing next to the car, the cold sweat on Manager Zhang’s forehead instantly flowed down.

He was afraid of what would happen, this time his brother-in-law was in big trouble!

The security chief saw that his brother-in-law had personally brought someone here and immediately greeted him, “Brother-in-law, this guy broke into the community and just made a move on me, he must be taught a good lesson.”

And when Cui Zhiyuan saw the property manager chasing after him with the security guards, he immediately said with a cold smile on his face, “Chen Ping, these you I’ll see where you still run, although it’s not illegal to brag, but you have to pay the price for bragging too much, and you still dare to say you are the owner of this place and live in the house on the roof, why don’t you say you live in the sky!”

“I’ve lived for more than twenty years and this is the first time I’ve seen someone so shamelessly bragging ……,” Wang Lanlan covered her mouth and laughed.

The two men’s eyes were full of playfulness, ready to wait for a good show.

Sun Xiaomeng, however, sighed, planning to speak up for himself if Chen Ping was really going to be beaten up later, to see if it would work, he couldn’t just stand by and watch Chen Ping get crippled.

But just as Cui Zhiyuan and Wang Lanlan were waiting for the property manager to come over with his men to give Chen Ping a good beating, they saw the manager slap his brother-in-law fiercely, a slap so strong that it almost knocked the security chief to the ground!

At this moment, that security chief was dumbfounded and looked at his brother-in-law with a face full of incredulity.

“Brother-in-law, why are you hitting me? Have you taken the wrong medicine?” The security captain asked discontentedly.

“Yes, I am on the wrong medication, I should never have let you come over to work as a security captain, you are now dismissed, get out of here, get as far away as you can and never come back ……”

Manager Zhang said as he snatched the baton out of his brother-in-law’s hand.

“You ……” the security chief looked at Manager Zhang angrily, “Good, you dare to do this to me, I’ll go tell my sister to …… ”

The security captain said, and left straight away!

This operation of the manager Zhang, directly Cui Zhiyuan they look dumbfounded, even that sales lady do not know what is going on, only these brought over the security guards know that the manager Zhang this is to save his brother-in-law!

If the security chief had remained at the scene, Chen Ping might have been displeased and killed him!

After the security chief left, Manager Zhang looked at Chen Ping in a cold sweat, afraid that Chen Ping would say something and not let his brother-in-law leave, but when he saw that Chen Ping didn’t say anything, Manager Zhang was relieved!