Phoenix Among Men Chapter 186

After walking quickly in front of Chen Ping, Manager Zhang said in a groveling manner, “Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry, this brother-in-law of mine has just arrived and doesn’t know anything, you are magnanimous ……”

Seeing the property manager apologize after Chen Ping in such a lowly manner, Cui Zhiyuan and the others were dumbfounded!

“I say are you guys mistaken, he broke into your neighborhood without permission, he even crashed a car and beat up your brother-in-law, and you’re still so lowly and submissive? Is your property such a good service attitude?”

Cui Zhiyuan asked as he looked at the property manager.

“That’s right, just now we wanted to come in to see the house and buy a house, your security guards didn’t even let us in, yet you are so polite to an intruder, I really doubt your property’s ability, just a convict who has been in prison, do you have to be so lowly? You really think he is the owner of your community.”

Wang Lanlan said with a sneer!

“If he could buy a house here, he wouldn’t have to drive a broken Chang’an, and he says the house on the top of the hill is his, he’s just bragging, I know him too well, we work in the same company, I’m his top boss, this guy can’t do anything but brag!”

Cui Zhiyuan continued to say to the manager!

That manager Zhang looked at Cui Zhiyuan and Wang Lanlan, and then looked at Chen Ping, he didn’t know what kind of relationship several people had, but Cui Zhiyuan and Wang Lanlan mocked Chen Ping so much, then these few people certainly couldn’t be friends!

Seeing that Chen Ping hadn’t said anything, Manager Zhang couldn’t stand it anymore and said to Cui Zhiyuan and Wang Lanlan, “Mr. Chen is indeed the owner of our place, and that villa at the top of the hill, is indeed his ……”

Once Manager Zhang finished his words, Cui Zhiyuan followed by Wang Lanlan were all stunned, and that Sun Xiaomeng also froze at once!

“Manager Zhang, the owner of the villa at the top of the hill is named Su, I personally did the procedures ah ……”

The sales lady asked to Manager Zhang with a face full of questions.

“Are you mistaken, the hilltop villa is at least over a hundred million dollars to start with, you say a broken Changan, a salesman, he can be the owner of the hilltop villa? I don’t believe it ……”

“This property manager of yours is also too unqualified, can’t you even figure out who owns the house you manage? You don’t even look at Chen Ping’s appearance, does he look like he has a villa?”

Cui Zhiyuan followed Wang Lanlan and questioned Manager Zhang.

Looking at several people’s questioning, Manager Zhang sneered, “It looks like you all know more than even me, the property manager? Let me tell you, the previous owner of the hilltop villa was indeed surnamed Su, but it is now owned by Mr. Chen, if there is nothing else, you can leave now and are not allowed to enter the area in the future ……”

The manager’s words made Cui Zhiyuan and the others look dumbfounded, to say that Chen Ping had a villa of hundreds of millions of dollars, no one would believe it.

“Manager Zhang, can I go now?”

Chen Ping didn’t want to waste time following Cui Zhiyuan and the others, he had to go and catch up on his cultivation.

“Of course you can, I’m really sorry for delaying Mr. Chen ……”

Manager Zhang immediately changed into a groveling look and opened the car door for Chen Ping himself!

Chen Ping drove his already battered Changan directly towards the top of the mountain, and as he pa*sed by Cui Zhiyuan and the others, Chen Ping rolled down the window and deliberately gave a cold laugh at Cui Zhiyuan!

“I don’t believe it, I definitely don’t believe it, there’s no way he would have a villa, I’m going to follow it up and see, he must be blowing smoke ……”

Cui Zhiyuan hissed like crazy!

And Sun Xiaomeng looked at Chen Ping’s car going further and further away, feeling some hot and sizzling sensation on her face, things have come to this point, then Chen Ping definitely won’t be bragging, because she doesn’t believe that Chen Ping can buy such a big property manager to accompany him to brag!