Phoenix Among Men Chapter 188

“I’m going home ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently!

“Come on up, I happen to be on my way, I’ll give you a ride ……”

Sun Xiaomeng opened the door in the car!

And Sun Xiaomeng opened the pa*senger side, to know that in the past she would not let Chen Ping ride in her car, even if she did, she could only do the back row!

Chen Ping didn’t know what this Sun Xiaomeng was up to again, she suddenly seemed like a different person!

“Come on up ……” Sun Xiaomeng saw that Chen Ping was still not moving, so she urged!

Chen Ping nodded and sat on the pa*senger side!

A foot on the gas, Sun Xiaomeng’s car towards Chen Ping’s home!

The atmosphere in the car was a bit awkward as Chen Ping sat in the car without saying anything!

“Chen Ping, do you really have a villa at the top of Pan Long Bay?”

After a while, Sun Xiaomeng broke the calm!

“Mm!” Chen Ping only nodded slightly.

“You bought it yourself?” Sun Xiaomeng looked at Chen Ping with a surprised expression!

“Someone else gave it to me!” Chen Ping said indifferently!

Sun Xiaomeng saw that Chen Ping didn’t seem to like talking to himself too much, so she kept her mouth shut!

After another moment, Chen Ping broke the calm and said, “At this hour, what are you driving to if you’re not going home for dinner?”

“Zhiyuan has booked a restaurant, let’s go and eat together and discuss the wedding!”

Sun Xiaomeng said.

“You’re getting married?” Chen Ping faintly stared!

“Well, we’ve been talking for a long time anyway, and our parents are pushing us hard, so it’s better to get married ……”

Sun Xiaomeng said!

Chen Ping was silent for a moment, and then said, “I advise you to think it over, that Cui Zhiyuan is not suitable for you ……”

Chen Ping said this, not because Cui Zhiyuan often sarcastic him, Chen Ping revenge, but Chen Ping has long asked Lin Tianhu secretly investigated this Cui Zhiyuan, this guy is a philandering carrot, follow Sun Xiaomeng during the relationship, do not know how many women to follow mixed together!

Although Sun Xiaomeng is also a bit snobbish, but after all, she is the daughter of her father’s old comrade, Chen Ping does not want Sun Xiaomeng to jump into the fire!

When Sun Xiaomeng heard Chen Ping’s words, she wasn’t too surprised, but explained with a light smile, “Actually, Zhiyuan is not as bad as you think, he might be a bit mean to you, but I will persuade him in the future ……”

Sun Xiaomeng misunderstood Chen Ping, she thought that the reason why Chen Ping said this was because Cui Zhiyuan often targeted Chen Ping, and Chen Ping had hatred for Cui Zhiyuan in his heart, that’s why he advised her this way!

When Chen Ping heard this, he could only smile slightly and did not explain anything!

Soon, when the car was pa*sing through a rather dark road, a car suddenly blocked the front of Chen Ping’s car!

Sun Xiaomeng was startled and hurriedly slammed on the brakes to stop the car, which almost crashed into it!

“How do you drive? Are you blind? …………”

Sun Xiaomeng rolled down the window and poked her head out, then shouted and cursed!

She saw that the car in front of her was a Porsche 911, and she didn’t dare to offend anyone who could drive such a car, so if she really scolded the other party, she was afraid she would have to leave.

At that moment, two people, a man and a woman, stepped out of the Porsche, and they were Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan.

Sun Xiaomeng was so furious that she opened the car door and stepped out, hastily apologizing, “Brother, I didn’t mean to do that just now, please give way to the car, why don’t you go first?”

Sun Xiaomeng said to Xiao Lei in a low voice!

Xiao Lei took a look at Sun Xiaomeng and found that she was dressed in a light pink dress, with a ponytail, quite a pretty little girl, so he took a couple of extra glances, which made Geng Shanshan on the side jealous!