Phoenix Among Men Chapter 189

“Don’t get lost yet, we’re here to find Chen Ping, if you don’t want to die, then get lost numbly ……”

Geng Shanshan shouted at Sun Xiaomeng!

As Geng Shanshan’s words fell, there were several vans behind the Porsche, and at that moment dozens of people came down, all holding machetes and coming towards this side with bad looks on their faces.

Sun Xiaomeng was stunned, her face turned pale and she didn’t know what to do.

“Xiaomeng, you drive away first ……”

Chen Ping stepped down from the pa*senger side and said to Sun Xiaomeng who had long been scared silly!

The first thing you need to do is to get in the car and go.

“Chen Ping, you’re really good at picking up girls, you just got dumped by Su Yuqi, and now you’re looking for a rich girl. Tell me whose family’s girl child is it?”

Xiao Lei asked with a sneer on his face as he looked at Chen Ping.

“What? You want a change of taste too?” The corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted, “But it’s really time for you to change, always eating people’s leftovers, it doesn’t match your status as the young master of the Xiao family ……”

Chen Ping’s words caused Xiao Lei’s face to instantly turn hideous!

The fact that Geng Shanshan had explained that she had never done anything when she was in love with Chen Ping and had never been slept with by Chen Ping at all, but Xiao Lei still had a knot in his heart!

If he hadn’t really liked Geng Shanshan, he would have been talking about marriage, and Xiao Lei would have left Geng Shanshan alone!

“If he didn’t really like Geng Shanshan, he would have left her long ago. How could I possibly sleep with you, you don’t want to eat the flesh of a swan, I’m disgusted when I see you …………”

Geng Shanshan was so angry that she cursed at Chen Ping, who was obviously provoking her and Xiao Lei’s feelings with these words!

“Chen Ping, you don’t need to sow discord here and play fast and loose with your words, I believe Shanshan will not sleep with you, besides I see that you are so virtuous, I am afraid you are not even capable of being a man, or else Su Yuqi would have dumped you? If you were great in bed and ate that Su Yuqi to death, you wouldn’t be in this position now ……”

Xiao Lei gritted his teeth, although his mouth said he didn’t care, but his heart had long been sticking out!

“Do not know which of us two do not have the ability to man ah? Haven’t you found out yourself during this time?”

Chen Ping smiled coldly!

On the very day he was released from prison, Chen Ping had nullified Xiao Lei’s abilities, so now Xiao Lei was no longer considered a complete man!

After Chen Ping finished his words, Xiao Lei’s face instantly turned a red pale!

During this period of time he had been recuperating from his injuries, and it was reasonable to say that it was only a broken arm that didn’t affect him in other ways, but several times Xiao Lei wanted to follow Geng Shanshan and make out, but every time his clothes were off, Xiao Lei didn’t react at all.

Originally Xiao Lei thought that his injury affected his other abilities, but when Chen Ping said that, it sent a shiver down Xiao Lei’s spine!

“Brother Lei, don’t listen to Chen Ping’s nonsense, I know best whether you have abilities or not, you are the best, don’t talk nonsense to him, just get him killed and throw him into the river ……”

Geng Shanshan advised at Xiao Lei!

Xiao Lei nodded, and then said to Chen Ping, “Chen Ping, next year’s today is the anniversary of your death, you have offended me, I will let you know what will happen to you ……”

After saying that, Xiao Lei waved his hand, “Give me a go, chop him up directly and throw him into the river ……”

At Xiao Lei’s command, dozens of men with machetes rushed towards Chen Ping!

“People from the Red Dragon Gang?”

Chen Ping asked with a sneer as he looked at the dozens of men who had rushed up!