Phoenix Among Men Chapter 202

“Wang Lanlan, shame on you, you’re the one who f*cking seduced me, you wanted me to help you inside the company, deliberately pretended to be drunk and let me help you back to your room, then you just took off my clothes, you b*tch ……”

Cui Zhiyuan was being stepped on by Chen Ping and could only scold Wang Lanlan angrily and desperately!

Seeing this, Chen Ping directly lifted his foot, Cui Zhiyuan scurried up and rushed towards that Wang Lanlan!

He slapped Wang Lanlan’s face hard!

Wang Lanlan covered her face and stared at Cui Zhiyuan: “Cui Zhiyuan, you’re a f*cking scum, you told me you only love me, and you followed Sun Xiaomeng because you like her family’s money, I didn’t expect you to follow so many women to have an affair ……”

Wang Lanlan was also not willing to show any weakness and followed Cui Zhiyuan to fight.

Soon, both of them were beaten up in rags, and Cui Zhiyuan’s face was covered with blood marks!

“Security, kick both of these people out ……”

Su Yuqi looked at the two men in that state and said with a bored face.

A few security guards rushed in, ready to drive Cui Zhiyuan and Wang Lanlan away ……

“Xiaomeng, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, help me, help me ……”

Cui Zhiyuan didn’t want to leave and was clinging to Sun Xiaomeng’s leg in a deadly way!

Sun Xiaomeng looked at Cui Zhiyuan with disgust and kicked him away!

Cui Zhiyuan still tried to rush over, but was dragged away by the security guards!

“Why …… why …… I’m not convinced ………… ”

Cui Zhiyuan hissed, but no one took pity on him!

Cui Zhiyuan and Wang Lanlan were both dragged away, all of them were fired, and everyone else in the sales department was in danger, after all, all of them had mocked Chen Ping in order to flatter Cui Zhiyuan!

Chen Ping swept a glance at the crowd, and then said, “Now the company still lacks a general manager, this position will be given to Sun Xiaomeng, as for the sales manager for the position, let Han Han to serve, I hope you two can work hard and give back to the company ……”

After Chen Ping finished his words, all the people in the sales department applauded!

Sun Xiaomeng herself was directly dumbfounded, she thought that even if Chen Ping did not blame her and did not fire her, it was unlikely that he would reuse her, after all, her attitude towards Chen Ping was not good at the beginning!

But to her surprise, Chen Ping had given herself the position of general manager, which made Sun Xiaomeng unable to believe it!

“Xiaomeng, Xiaomeng, hurry up and thank Chen Dong ah ……”

Someone reminded at Sun Xiaomeng!

Only then did Sun Xiaomeng react and hurriedly said to Chen Ping, “Chen Ping …… no no no, Chen Dong, thank you, I will definitely work hard!”

After Sun Xiaomeng finished, she pulled Wang Hanhan beside her, “Hanhan, quickly thank Chen Dong ……”

Wang Han Han looked at Chen Ping with an expressionless face and spoke, “Thank you, Chen Dong ……”

Chen Ping looked at Wang Han Han that expression, actually also some heartache, but feelings this thing can not be forced!

“Everyone else’s positions remain the same, go back to work ……”

Chen Ping said, all people are relieved, Chen Ping did not blame them, which makes these people in the sales department, to Chen Ping that is grateful!

Everyone left, looking at Wang Hanhan’s back, Chen Ping wanted to go after him to explain, except Su Yuqi was on the side, Chen Ping did not move.

“Go ahead, it’s better to say some things clearly, I have to go too ……”

After Su Yuqi said that, she got up and left!

Chen Ping, on the other hand, caught up with Wang Han Han and called her aside.

“Han Han, I actually treated you like a sister from the beginning, and I didn’t mean to deceive you, it’s just that my parents had some misunderstandings about Yu Qi, so I didn’t say anything about it ……”

Chen Ping didn’t mean to conceal it!

“Brother Chen Ping, you don’t need to explain, it’s all my own wishful thinking, you’re doing quite well now, I’m also young, I’m sure I can find a suitable boyfriend too ……”

Wang Han Han struggled to squeeze out a smile!

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be able to find one!”

Chen Ping nodded his head!