Phoenix Among Men Chapter 203

Two days had pa*sed in the blink of an eye.

There was no point in being the chairman of the board, Chen Ping always wanted to find a chance to explain the matter of Su Yuqi to his parents!

It would be best if he could get his parents to agree to move to Pan Long Bay, as Chen Ping would then be able to speed up his cultivation, as there was no spiritual energy here and no way to cultivate at all!

But as he watched his parents and Wang Han Han’s mother, Wang Changfeng, happily discussing the matter of him and Wang Han Han together, Chen Ping didn’t know how to say anything.

But that very day when Chen Ping was leaving work at noon, Chen Baoguo called Chen Ping!

He said that Wang Han Han’s family had already moved out!

When Chen Ping heard this, he was shocked and hurriedly drove home to see that the door to Wang Han Han’s house was locked.

And in Chen Baoguo’s hand was a letter!

“Chen Ping, this is a letter from Han Han to you ……”

Chen Baoguo handed the letter to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping opened the letter and read it, it turned out that Wang Han Han didn’t want to live in this city anymore, so she took her mother to join her relatives in other cities, because she couldn’t face Chen Ping every day!

In the letter, Wang Han Han explained to Chen Ping’s parents about the matter of Chen Ping following Su Yu Qi.

After reading the letter, Chen Ping clenched his fist tightly, he didn’t want to hurt Wang Han Han, maybe this was the best outcome, if she faced it every day, Wang Han Han would suffer even more.

“Hey, Han Han is a bitter child, it’s just that you two are destined to have no part ……”

Tang Hongying sighed, obviously she knew the content of the letter!

“Chen Ping, you children also do not tell us, if you and Yu Qi are really talking about friends, your mother and I do not object, no matter what status people are, as long as they are serious, we are afraid that you have been cheated, wait for the evening, you call Yu Qi home for a meal, your mother and I apologize properly to people, people lend us houses, we still misunderstand people ……”

Chen Baoguo said to Chen Ping.

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s all my fault that your father and I were gullible enough to believe what others said, people have lent us such a good house, can it still be a lie? Now misunderstood people, how bad, you must call Yu Qi home, I properly follow Yu Qi apologize, people so rich a girl, do not even mind our family, we even misunderstood people’s motives ……”

Tang Hongying is also full of shame followed Chen Ping said!

“Well, wait for the evening I will call her home ……”

Chen Ping nodded his head!

In the evening, Su Yuqi happily went to Chen Ping’s house, and brought quite a few gifts, and Chen Baoguo and Tang Hongying prepared a sumptuous table for dinner!

“Uncle, auntie, you are also getting older, I think you should move to Pan Long Bay, after all, the air is good there and the environment is good ……”

Su Yuqi said to Chen Baoguo and Tang Hongying at the dinner table!

Chen Baoguo did not say anything, Tang Hongying spoke, “Yuqi, whatever you say, we will listen, from now on, your uncle and I, only listen to you, no one’s words will be listened to anymore ……”

Tang Hongying was still feeling guilty about listening to a stranger and misunderstanding Su Yuqi!

“Good, then we’ll move there tomorrow ……” Su Yuqi said with a happy face!

When Chen Ping saw that his parents agreed to move to Pan Long Bay, his heart was relieved that he could finally cultivate properly, he had been delayed for a long time!

Early the next morning, Chen Ping moved back to Pan Long Bay with his parents, feeling the spiritual energy on the top of Pan Long Bay, Chen Ping couldn’t wait to sit down and cultivate right away!

At noon, Su Yuqi gave Chen Ping a call, saying that Gu Wentian was looking for Chen Ping for something, as if it was about the spirit pen.

After Chen Ping received the call, he was excited inside, as long as he found the spirit pen, his mother’s eyes would be cured.

Chen Ping rushed to Su’s house without stopping, just as Lin Tianhu was looking for him, and the two of them went to Su’s house together.