Phoenix Among Men Chapter 204

When he arrived at the Su family, Chen Ping hurriedly asked after seeing Gu Wentian, “Ancient, is it true that Daoist Master Bu Xu has returned?”

Gu Wentian nodded, “Yes, Daoist Master Bu Xu has returned!”

“Then please take me there quickly, Ancient!” Chen Ping was a little impatient!

“Mr. Chen, Daoist Master Bu Xu is back, it’s just that …………”

Gu Mantian looked embarra*sed!

“Ancient, just say what you have to say, if it’s money you want, I can scrape it together!”

Chen Ping said.

“Ancient, how much money to use, just ask, that spirit brush and vermilion, it is for auntie’s eyes, it must be used for the spirit brush and vermilion!”

Su Yuqi spoke up at this time!

She knew what Chen Ping used these two items for, when Chen Ping gave her the medicine list at that time, it was also on it, and Su Yuqi did put her heart and soul into finding it, and also offered a heavy reward, but such items were rare and could not be found!

Gu Wentian shook his head, “Mr. Chen, Miss Su, Daoist Master Bu Xu is not asking for money, for those of them who have entered the Tao, money is an extraneous thing, but Daoist Master Bu Xu has a daughter who is seriously ill and has searched all over for a famous doctor, so he wishes to use the spirit pen and vermilion to ask Mr. Chen to help cure her daughter!”

As soon as Chen Ping heard this, he instantly understood that it should be because Ancient Man Tian had spoken to Daoist Master Bu Xu about his great medical skills, and that was why Daoist Master Bu Xu had made this condition, but as long as he was not an old man with failing organs and dying, Chen Ping had the means to heal him!

“Ancient, then what is wrong with Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter?”

Chen Ping asked.

“I am not very clear, but I heard from Daoist Master Bu Xu that her daughter has been cold and sick since she was a child, her body is like falling into a cave of ice, she sleeps with many bedding every day, but it does not help for many years, she has seen many places but it is useless, this time she has also gone far to seek medical help, but she has also returned without success!”

“Daoist Master Bu Xu also for his own daughter, had in the Daoist temple to open a list to seek medical treatment, and also happy to give charity, want to accumulate merit for himself, let his daughter get well, but so many years, it seems that there is no effect!”

Gu Mantian explained.

“The body is like falling into a cave of ice?”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly, understanding something in the slightest, and said to Gu Wentian, “Ancient, then I’ll beg you to take us there, this Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter’s illness, I can see it!”

Chen Ping didn’t want to wait, he had to get the spirit brush and vermilion as soon as possible so that he could cure his mother’s eyes before he could do so!

“Good, we’ll leave now!”

Gu Wentian nodded his head.

The two cars set off from the Regal Hotel, heading straight for the Thunderclap Viewpoint!

Lei Ming Guan was on Thunder Mountain, which was the largest mountain in the whole of Jiangbei, and it was high and wooded and very steep, but rumour had it that an immortal had appeared on Thunder Mountain and had saved many people who had got lost on the mountain, so people had pooled their money to build a Lei Ming Guan on Thunder Mountain!

There was only a winding mountain road up to Thundering View, which wasn’t very good either, but because Thundering View was more famous, a large number of tourists came every day to pray for good luck!

“Mr. Chen, we can only walk up there!”

When they reached the foot of Thundering Mountain, Gu Wentian said.

“Walk!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

In fact, Chen Ping had known about this Thunderclap View for a long time, only that he hadn’t come once!

Tang Long watched the car below, while Chen Ping, Gu Wentian, Lin Tianhu and Su Wenzong’s father and daughter climbed up towards Thundering Mountain!

With Chen Ping around, Gu Mantian’s safety naturally wasn’t a problem, so Tang Long didn’t need close protection!

Su Yuqi looked at the tree-lined, sheep-gutted mountain path, and her whole body was so excited that she kept running and stopping, shouting a few times now and then!

“Yuqi, if you go on like this, you’ll probably be exhausted before you can walk to the top of the mountain!”

Su Wenzong admonished Su Yuqi.

Climbing the mountain was exciting and not tiring at first, but later on, you won’t be able to climb anymore, so you have to save your strength at the beginning!

“I’m fine!” Su Yuqi simply wouldn’t listen, and Su Wenzong had no choice!