Phoenix Among Men Chapter 205

It was afternoon, and it was logical that there were more tourists going down the mountain and fewer going up, but Chen Ping saw many tourists hurrying towards the mountain as they walked along.

“Let’s hurry up, today I heard that Daoist Master Wu Wei, the senior brother of Daoist Master Bu Xu, has invited Daoist Master Wu Wei, that’s an immortal reincarnation, his kung fu is very powerful, we have to hurry up and let Daoist Master Wu Wei draw a lottery for us!”

“One couple who had been married for more than ten years had no children, but after the Daoist had read their fortune, they had a big fat baby the next year!

“I heard that a man who had been paralyzed for his whole life had been seen by Daoist Wu Wei.

“I heard that this time Daoist Wu Wei came to heal the daughter of Daoist Master Bu Xu, and he brought a treasure with him!”

The tourists on the mountain path were chattering, and the speed of climbing the mountain had increased by a few points.

As Chen Ping listened to the chatter of the tourists, he could understand why all these people were still in a hurry to climb towards the top of the mountain in the afternoon!

“The first time he came back, he came back for the sake of Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter. ”

Gu Wentian followed Chen Ping and explained!

“Ah, what can we do about this? Then let’s hurry, we can’t let that Daoist Wu Wei cure the disease first, then we won’t be able to get the spirit brush and vermilion sands!”

As soon as Su Yuqi heard this, she hurriedly urged!

As soon as the crowd heard this, they also felt that there was some truth to it, so they all quickened their pace!

Only Chen Ping remained calm and said with a faint smile, “Don’t worry, that Daoist Wu Wei can’t cure you!”

“How do you know he can’t be cured?”

Su Yuqi asked as she looked at Chen Ping strangely.

“If I said he can’t cure it, he definitely can’t cure it, just wait and see!”

Chen Ping smiled, and did not follow Su Yuqi’s explanation!

After the group got halfway up the mountain, Su Yuqi’s pace had obviously slowed down and she was sweating and panting!

“I can’t, I have to take a break, I can’t walk anymore!”

Su Yuqi sat down on top of a large rock to the side.

“What did I say to you at first? You just didn’t listen, now you’re honest, right?”

Su Wen Zong reprimanded Su Yu Qi!

But no matter what Su Wen Zong said, Su Yuqi just couldn’t walk!

“Ancient, you guys go first, I’ll stay behind with Yuqi, we’ll catch up later!”

Chen Ping saw that Su Yuqi really couldn’t walk anymore, but he couldn’t all stay behind and wait for her, so he said to Gu Wentian.

“It’s fine, I’ll go up first and take care of it in advance, follow Daoist Master Bu Xu and say so!”

Gu Wentian nodded.

Su Wenzong glanced at Su Yuqi and recently smiled faintly before turning to Chen Ping, “Mr. Chen, then I’ll leave Yuqi to you.”

Having said that, several people continued to climb upwards, while Chen Ping sat down next to Su Yuqi!

“I can’t walk anymore, why don’t you carry me on your back?”

Su Yuqi blinked her eyes and said with a heated smile.

“I won’t carry it, you still have strength!”

Chen Ping shook his head.

“No more, there is really no strength left!” Su Yuqi actually followed Chen Ping and pouted.

When Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi like that, his heart fluttered, he had to say that Su Yuqi was really pretty!

Although her temperament was sometimes a bit explosive, she was still very kind.

Chen Ping grabbed Su Yuqi’s hand and Su Yuqi shrank in fear, but Chen Ping held on so tightly that Su Yuqi had no way to break free!

Su Yuqi’s face turned red and she bit her lips tightly, not daring to look at Chen Ping!