Phoenix Among Men Chapter 207

“Ancient, I’m sorry to have missed the welcome, forgive me, forgive me!”

Just as he walked into the Taoist temple, an old Taoist wearing a Taoist robe with a beard greeted him, this man was Daoist Master Bu Xu!

“You’re welcome, Daoist Master Bu Xu!” Elder Gu arched his hand, then pointed at Chen Ping and said, “This is Mr. Chen, the one who needs the spirit pen and vermilion sand, I brought them here specially to show your daughter!”

Daoist Master Bu Xu swept a glance at Chen Ping, his brow obviously frowned slightly, but quickly stretched and said with a faint smile, “No hurry, no hurry, let’s go inside first and have a cup of tea, my senior brother is watching over my youngest daughter inside!”

Daoist Master Bu Xu invited Gu Wentian and the others inside the Taoist temple, but just as he reached the entrance to the main hall, Chen Ping felt a chill pushing in!

In this hot weather, this cold air actually made Chen Ping shiver!

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?”

Gu Wentian saw that Chen Ping’s face looked a little off, so he spoke out and asked.

“Oh, nothing!” Chen Ping smiled faintly and shook his head!

Daoist Master Bu Xu looked at Chen Ping and smiled disdainfully, “Did you feel that when you entered the Great Hall, it suddenly became cooler? This is because there is an ancient well behind our Daoist temple, the water from the well stings all year round, we draw out the water from the well and surround it around the Daoist temple, and the whole Daoist temple becomes cool and pleasant! ”

Chen Ping just smiled silently and didn’t say anything!

The crowd followed Daoist Master Bu Xu through the main hall to a small courtyard at the back, and after opening one of the rooms, Chen Ping instantly felt the chill, much stronger than the chill he had just felt!

But looking at Gu Mantian and the others, they didn’t seem to have noticed anything different!

At this moment, in the room, a girl with delicate features was lying on the bed, wrapped in a thick cup, her face was somewhat pale, that kind of white was like a layer of frost hanging on her face due to the severe cold weather!

In front of the girl’s bed, an old Taoist with a jade ruyi in his hand, from time to time, nudged the jade ruyi on the girl’s forehead and then recited the words!

“He said that my daughter’s body was infiltrated by Yin and cold and that she needed to get rid of the Yin and cold Qi.

Daoist Master Bu Xu explained in a small voice.

The so-called warm jade is a jade stone that has been burned in extreme heat or the fire of the earth’s core.

This kind of stone is extremely rare, and to be able to make a jade ruyi from warm jade, it is obvious that this piece of stone is not small, that is quite rare!

Hearing Daoist Bu Xu say this, several people in Gu Wen Tian looked at that Daoist Wu Wei curiously, while that Daoist Wu Wei was full of coldness, with disdain in his eyes, not even looking at Gu Wen Tian and the others.

The Jade Ruyi in Daoist Wu Wei’s hand, every time he tapped the girl’s forehead, he could see a trace of cold Qi being absorbed by the Jade Ruyi.

After a dozen nods all the way through, Daoist Wu Wei stopped his hand and put the Jade Ruyi aside!

“Senior Brother, is it almost done?”

Daoist Master Bu Xu asked Daoist Wu Wei with anticipation.

Daoist Wu Wei shook his head, “It’s not that easy, the Yin Cold Qi in Xiao Ru’s body has been there for a long time and there’s still a lot of it, so it has to be done slowly, now the Jade Ruyi has lost its temperature and needs to rest for a while!”

“Oh!” Daoist Wu Wei nodded, and then asked, “Then how long will it take to suck all the Yin Cold Qi out of Xiao Ru’s body?”

Daoist Wu Wei frowned slightly and said with a slight thought, “As little as three days, as much as half a month!”

When Daoist Wu Wei heard this, he stopped talking, with a bit of worry on his face.