Phoenix Among Men Chapter 208

“Let alone half a month, just sucking up the Yin cold Qi at this rate will not be able to dry up in a lifetime, besides, this young lady will not live more than three days at most!”

Chen Ping slowly spoke.

As soon as Chen Ping’s words landed, Daoist Wu Wei directly frowned and looked at Chen Ping with cold eyes, “Senior brother, where did this ignorant little child come from to spout nonsense once again?”

“Senior brother, this is the one whom Ancient has invited to treat my daughter’s illness, as you know, this Daoist temple has not taken much incense money from Ancient!”

Daoist Master Bu Xu hurriedly explained.

“Hmph, milquetoast, is this questioning me? Tell them to hurry up and get out!”

Daoist Wu Wei was furious at Chen Ping’s questioning!

“This ……” Daoist Master Buwei suddenly looked embarra*sed!

After all, Chen Ping was found by Gu Wentian, and he and Gu Wentian had a great friendship, so it would be somewhat inappropriate to drive him away!

“What? Do you really believe that this hairless boy can cure your daughter? If that’s the case, then I’ll leave!”

Daoist Wu Wei picked up the Jade Ruyi and prepared to leave!

“Don’t be angry, senior brother!” Daoist Bu Xu stopped Daoist Wu Wei, and then looked at Gu Man Tian with a face full of embarra*sment, “Ancient, it’s better to take your people out for now, Senior Brother doesn’t want anyone to disturb his treatment!”

Gu Wentian also looked at Chen Ping with some difficulty, he trusted Chen Ping, but looking at this, Daoist Master Wu Wei did not trust him!

“Daoist Master, your daughter has a body of ice crystals, this kind of system prefers Yin and cold Qi, if used, she can definitely strengthen her body and even stay young forever, only that no one has taught her the art of refining, so the Yin and cold Qi in the Taoist temple has accumulated more and more in her body, turning into this state now.”

“Although that Jade Ruyi is a treasure that can absorb the Yin Cold Qi, but with this strength, I am afraid it is far from being able to keep up with the speed at which your daughter absorbs the Yin Cold Qi, plus the ancient well inside the Daoist Temple, the Yin Cold Qi is extremely heavy, so your daughter will not last more than three days.”

Chen Ping followed Daoist Master Bu Xu and explained.

If it wasn’t for the spirit brush and the vermilion sand, Chen Ping wouldn’t have explained this to him!

Daoist Master Bu Xu was a little dumbfounded when he heard this, although he didn’t understand it, but listening to Chen Ping’s words, there was some truth to it!

“Nonsense, what ice crystal body, and youthfulness forever, why don’t you say immortality? This is nonsense, I have been a monk for decades, but I have never heard of an ice crystal body!”

Daoist Wu Wei looked at Chen Ping with disdain and said coldly.

“You don’t know, that’s because you are ignorant, although this Jade Ruyi of yours is a treasure, but if you dare to use it, this Jade Ruyi will surely shatter!”

Chen Ping said expressionlessly.

Although this Jade Ruyi was made of warm jade and was capable of absorbing the cold Qi, the cold Qi on Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter’s body was not ordinary and could make even Chen Ping feel the cold Qi, so it could be seen that the energy of this cold Qi was great!

A jade jewel made of warm jade would not be able to withstand such cold energy, so it would surely break!

“Nonsense, even in a place of extreme cold, this jade as-you-go can still be as warm as ever, how could it break?

Daoist Wu Wei’s face was full of anger, how dare Chen Ping call him ignorant, Daoist Wu Wei was going to die of anger, to know who would not be respectful when they saw him?

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for the spirit pen and vermilion sand, even if you kowtowed and begged me, I might not even do it!”

Chen Ping snorted coldly.

“Arrogant little boy, looking for a fight ……”

Daoist Wu Wei was furious, and with a wave of the whisk in his hand, a strong gust of wind struck, heading straight for Chen Ping!

“Senior brother don’t ……”

Daoist Wu Wei was startled and hurriedly stepped in to stop him.

And Gu Wentian and the few of them who did not expect this Daoist Wu Wei to do it when he said he would, froze at the side!